10 Clutch Bags You'll Fall in Love With

Trust us.

10 Clutch Bags You'll Fall in Love With
(Image credit: Diego Armando Mendoza)

Welcome to The Essentials, our weekly series highlighting a must-have classic, key to building a timeless, pulled-together closet.

Who said clutches were just for the evening? Not Lauren Hutton, who so famously tucked a Bottega Veneta number under her arm in the classic film American Gigolo. We've been aiming to recreate her effortlessly chic look since 1980. Now, we're not endorsing the clutch as the most functional option for an all-day outing, but we can attest that their good looks have endured over the years. Practical? Maybe. Timeless? Absolutely. Seen in leather, straw and fabric, check out our favorite clutches that can take you from day to night without feeling fussy or out of place.

Katie Attardo

Katie Attardo is the Accessories Editor at Marie Claire, covering all things fashion and jewelry-related.