I Found the Ultimate Bra For Women Who Hate Bras

It's so comfortable, I forget I have it on.

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Every summer, I go through the same predicament: Like many women, I love the simplicity of forgoing a bra and am further incentivized to go braless because the summer heat makes me want to wear as little clothing as possible. However, I have a large bust, so going braless can be extremely uncomfortable, inducing universally dreaded boob sweat and attracting scores of unwanted stares. 

So, when I heard about Nuudii System's products, I was fascinated. Operating under the tagline "The 'Not A Bra' Bra," this company promises to make comfortable, form-fitting bra alternatives that are the perfect "option between bra and braless." Naturally, since the thick of summer heat is upon us, I had to check the brand out. I ordered two of their Tee System products (one in brown and one in lilac), hoping that I would find my new favorite styles to wear when I'm working or lounging at home. 

The first quality I noticed was that Nuudii's products appear tiny: At first, they have a similar look and feel as an athletic thong, and they're folded up into tiny square mesh bags. I was certain that these little garments would never provide enough coverage for me (my nipples alone, I thought, would overwhelm them), but I was completely wrong.

These products—which the brand refers to as "boobwear" or just "Nuudiis"—are made of a stretchy, lightweight fabric that covered my breasts completely and with great ease. I often have a hard time putting on bras that don't have a hook-and-eye band—if they get over my head easily, they're too loose to provide enough breast support, while if they provide enough support, they're impossible to get over my head—but my Nuudii both slides on with ease and prevents my breasts from sagging. And because my breasts aren't hanging against my ribcage, the boob sweat issue is avoided completely!

Nuudii System's packaging outlines twelve different ways to wear the product, including fashionable criss-cross adjustments and a one-shoulder that goes great with asymmetrical dresses and tops. And while I love wearing my Nuudii in the comfort of my apartment (it's just so soft!), I highly recommend wearing it out and about as well. The amount of support it provides is impressive—even to an underwire devotee like me—and its customizable straps make it a great go-to for a myriad of outfits and creative fashion looks.

In sum, I'm happy to report that Nuudii System's Tee System is exactly what I needed it to be: Comfortable, lightweight, and supportive, so that I can enjoy all the advantages of getting my breasts off my ribcage without actually having to strap into a bulky traditional bra. This is truly the product for women who hate (or simply tire of) wearing a bra every day.

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