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The Ultimate Smart Water Bottle Is On Sale for Prime Day

The HidrateSpark lights up when it's time for you to drink water.

smart water bottle
  • The HidrateSpark steel water bottle—a.k.a. the ultimate smart water bottle— is on sale for Amazon Prime Day.
  • Connect to an app, set your water intake goals, and the bottle will flash to remind you to sip away.

    You already know you should drink more water, and if you don't, that's because you're already drinking enough water and you probably feel amazing. And it's not like any of us are resistant to the idea of drinking more water. Drinking more water is good, we can all agree. (What a feeling.) But in an age when you are supposed to remember to do everything, all the time, always—call your mom, order new sneakers, make vacation plans, pay your student loan, meal plan, exercise, fill out health benefit enrollments—it's easy to let drinking water slip off your daily to-do. Which is why a smart water bottle that gently reminds you to sip is a very good idea. And that's why the HidrateSpark Steel Water Bottle caught our attention.

    Steel Smart Water Bottle
    Hidrate Spark amazon.com

    Here's how it works: Download the Hidrate app, and set your daily water intake goals. If you don't have any personal water intake goals in mind—I don't!—the app helps you create some based on relevant factors, like your age, sex, and weight, plus your activity levels and location. So if you're set to do a day of hiking in New Mexico, you'll get a different metric than if a day of Slacking at your laptop is on your agenda.

    Then you...fill the water bottle. (Side note I love metallic water bottles filled with ice and water. Name a more decadent modern pleasure than ice cold water hours after you filled it.) Then just sip sip away. If the sensor puck—the squat glowy rainbow brite cylinder that affixes to the bottom of the bottle—notices you aren't on track to meet your hydration goals, you'll get a gentle illuminated reminder. What could be better? (You can also get text messages but I prefer the light show.)

    Now a little on the technical stuff: The puck is detachable and that's the only part that needs to charge, and the bottle must be hand-washed. The lid is vacuum-sealed so it won't leak in your bag, and you have a choice of a spout or a straw lid. Do I need to mention how essential avoiding single use plastics like water bottles is to the future existence of mankind as we know it? I didn't think so. Sounds like it's time to start sip, sip sippin on your Spizark.

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