Your Voice: Raising Mental Health Awareness in a Super-Great Way

In 2007, a whole new way to anonymously share your secrets and see those of others was born with PostSecret. The site immediately became an internet phenomenon and spawned many imitators, including Whisper App, a PostSecret for the smartphone era. Users display their secrets — again, anonymously — on aesthetically pleasing backgrounds, much in the same vein as PostSecret. Whisper App's Pinterest page proves there's a niche for every user, from Whispers on Love to, most recently, Whispers for Boston.

Whisper App's latest venture is Your Voice, a non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness about mental health on college campuses. According to, the stigma surrounding mental health issues is especially prevalent on college campuses, and it absolutely shouldn't be. After all, college students live in impossibly close proximity to depression, eating disorders, sexuality, and anxiety more so than in any other setting, and need an outlet to cathartically discuss these topics without judgment.

We love how Your Voice is tackling the nationwide mental health stigma in college in such a brilliant way — by students, for students. What could be better than that? Head to for more information, and to see the secrets for yourself.

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