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40 Cheerful Birthday Gifts to Brighten Her Day

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Polaroid Now i‑Type Instant Camera
Polaroid polaroid.com

To document daily life in quarantine, or friends once the party is started again, equip your pal with instant film like the good ol’ days.

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Daily Harvest 9-Item Gift Box
Daily Harvest daily-harvest.com

For $75, your best girl can customize her own 9-piece box of super fresh smoothies, soups, or Daily Harvest’s latest addition, flatbreads, delivered to her door.

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Summer in a Bottle White 2019
Wolffer Estate wolffer.com

This is wine that you can ship to your best friend’s house. Don’t think we need to elaborate further than that...

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Small Hoops
Mejuri mejuri.com

Tiny stacking hoops are the perfect set-and-forget jewelry right now. Or, use these as a way to encourage her to get another piercing with you when salons open up again.

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Toile de Jouy notebook
Dior dior.com

For your sister who always tells you about her crazy dreams—now she can write them all down, and in style. This Dior notebook will look stunning on any nightstand.

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Wide Custom Hair Clip
Bauble Bar baublebar.com

Spell out her name or a funny word (under six characters) for a little pick-me-up that’s truly her own.

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Low Light Plants Monthly Subscription
The Sill thesill.com

Go in with your sisters or friends to cover a three-month subscription of plants for the green thumb girl in your circle.

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The Clean Essentials Kit
Blueland blueland.com

Now that everyone has been spending a lot more time cleaning their homes, get a friend set up with a reusable cleaning supply kit that will save her money in the long run. The one-time buy bottles can easily be refilled for under $2.

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Bala Weighted Bangle Set
Bala anthropologie.com

Your bestie may already have handheld weights, but to maximize at-home workouts, hook her up with these fashionable wearable ones by Bala.

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Salt Trio
Jennifer Fisher jenniferfisherjewelry.com

 If your friend can’t take off her Jennifer Fisher hoops, then she’s likely to be just as obsessed with the jewelry designer’s line of salts. A little sprinkle of the curry salt takes an avocado toast from basic to baller in a pinch.

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Smoked Glass Garden Grow Kit
Modern Sprout food52.com

For the lady in your life who loves a fresh herb on a salad or in a cocktail, teach a man to fish! These stylish kits are $25 a pop, but a group can go in on a full variety set for $100.

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Rose Quartz Crystal Straw
Shopbop @Home shopbop.com

If your crystal-obsessed friend has a sturdy collection already, how about one on a reusable straw? It’s easy to remove for cleaning and makes drinking iced coffee that much more elegant.

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Dozen Assorted Cookie Tin
Milk Bar milkbarstore.com

Give your never-not-baking friend a break and hook her up with some cookies even she will be impressed by. Milk Bar, the New York baked goods authority, has a variety tin to sample all flavors.

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Hand Salve
Seed Phytonutrients thrivemarket.com

Her hands have no doubt been rubbed raw by quarantine hand-washing. She'll be able to soothe them with this fan-favorite balm.

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Nick Blanket Knitting kit
We Are Knitters weareknitters.com

If the birthday girl is the kind who always needs to stay busy, try to slow her down with a productive activity: knitting! This easy blanket kit is an ideal project for beginners.

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Gua Sha Stone
Skin Gym skingymco.com

If you just want to send a little something for stress relief, a gua sha stone is incredible for eliminating jaw tension and for circulation.

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Arise Olive Oil
Brightland brightland.co

For a friend who loves to be in the kitchen and has a strong personal aesthetic, hook her up with this gorgeously packaged lemon olive oil from Brightland.

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Sleep Essential Oil Blend
HELIAS anthropologie.com

Everyone’s sleep is a little, well, messed up these days. Give the birthday girl some essential oil to help her head get heavy. A good night's rest is the best gift anyone could ask for. 

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Beach Stone Match Striker
Bloomist bloomist.com

Home décor gifts can be a little complicated if your friend is picky, but this match striker is neutral and chic enough to blend in any room that needs a candle.

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S/2 Bernadotte Chopsticks, Black/Silver
Georg Jensen onekingslane.com

If she’s a whiz in the kitchen or a has trigger finger for takeout noodles, she'll be eating in style either way with these super chic George Jensen chopsticks.

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Tarot Card Deck
ADAMJK urbanoutfitters.com

Now is a great time to begin to dabble with tarot–get your friend sorted out with this pretty pink set.

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MINO Bluetooth® Speaker
LEXON nordstrom.com

Give your buddy the gift of sound–anywhere! No more ol’ “phone in the cup" trick.

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Killa Kit
ZitSticka zitsticka.com

You’re a true friend to help your bestie with quarantine skin. Zit Sticka is a godsend when it comes to random stress blemishes popping up, but discreet enough to still wear on Zoom chats.

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Limited Edition Thunderbird II
Minnetonka minnetonkamoccasin.com

For a new easy shoe that’s not quite a slipper—one your pal can wear on days indoors or easily slip on for daily strolls—these classic Thunderbird moccasins now come in poppy colors to cheer anyone up. Keep in mind that they do run a half size large.

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MMU Starter Pack
Material Matcha materialmatcha.com

Is her favorite matcha place closed at the moment? Now she can try to master it at home with a simple starter pack.

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Hermès Vintage Scarf Scrunchie
Piggi International piggiinternational.com

For your fancy but green pal, gift her a scrunchie made for upcycled Hermés scarves for a one-of-a-kind special treat.

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Sage and Quartz Crystal Pouch
Cast of Stones madewell.com

Send your birthday girl some good vibes for the upcoming year. Literally. This little pouch has all the makings for bringing in positive energy!

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Fruit Socks Gift Box
Happy Socks happysocks.com

Socks are basically the new shoes these days, so why not help your best gal step up her game. These fruity ones are the 2020 version of an Edible Arrangement.

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Grady's Cold Brew Kit
Grady's Cold Brew gradyscoldbrew.com

If you only see your coffee-break buddy from work on Zoom, send her this DIY kit from Grady’s to share an iced coffee remotely.

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3-Month Subscription
Book of the Month bookofthemonth.com

Start a book club for you and the birthday girl and treat her to a three-month subscription to Book of the Month.

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