Thuma's Cult-Favorite Bed Frame Is the Best Thing I Bought for My New Apartment

My review of the bed frame seen 'round the internet.

Thuma's The Bed Review
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When my fiancé and I moved in together over the summer, we had some choices to make. Our beds were both on their last legs and the thought of disassembling one of them, moving it up four flights of stairs, and then re-building it seemed like a nightmare on top of the nightmare that already was moving in New York City over the summer. Researching for a new bed frame kept bringing me back to one option: Thuma's The Bed.

Thuma calls it the "perfect platform bed frame," and I would have to agree. We wanted something with a low profile that we would be able to have for the rest of our lives together (big ask, I know). It had to be sleek, well constructed, have a minimal profile that would match any decor color, and come in a neutral brown to match the rest of our bedroom furniture. Thuma's The Bed did just that.

Another reason why Thuma's bed frame was so appealing to us is because it requires no tools to build. After spending hours (and hours) struggling with building every other piece of furniture in my apartment over the years, that fact alone was enough to add it to my cart. The pieces all slot together and you have to tighten two screws by hand—and that's it.

You can shop it in sizes twin through California King in four colors: Walnut—our pick— which is a medium brown; Natural, a paler unfinished option; Espresso, a deeper black-brown; and Grey. You can also decide whether or not you want a headboard and, if you do want one, you can decide whether you want it to be fabric or wood to match the bed. We opted for a queen-sized option with an all-wood look. The site also has very clear measurements online, so I had no trouble figuring out which size would work best in our room. The entire bed and wooden headboard came out to just over $1,000. Getting the additional padded headboard costs a little more.

The shipping process was super simple—it came in just over a week in three boxes that weighed just under 10 pounds each. Getting each box up the multiple flights of stairs was the only real struggle I had when assembling the bed. However, this would not be an issue if you had an elevator or didn’t happen to live on the top floor of a walk-up-only building. 

Now onto the real test—if it was actually as easy to build as it claimed to be online. My verdict? Yes, this is super easy to build. In fact, my partner built the entire queen-sized bed frame in under an hour. Every piece was slotted together and there was only one section where he had to use two hand-tightened screws. All I had to do was put my mattress (a Casper, which I’ve previously reviewed for this column) on top, make the bed, and voila! We had a place to sleep.

Next up on our shopping list is one (or several) of the many accessories or "Upgrades," as the brand calls them, that Thuma sells to complement its best-selling frame. It is truly designed for small spaces. You can buy a Pillowboard or plain Headboard if you get bored of the one you picked, a Tray that slots onto the side of the bed like a very minimal side table, or a Sleeve that hangs down from the side to hold your laptop or book like a very sleek side table. However, Thuma also sells its own Side Table, a small collection of Nightstands, a Rug, a wide selection of Bedding and Mattresses, and a Dresser if you want to complete the look.

Keep scrolling to shop The Bed and all of the many accessories that go along with it. This is by far the best thing I've ever gotten for my new apartment, and I can tell that it's going to be in my life for a very, very long time.

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