Planned Parenthood Launches Digital Appointments

Planned Parenthood Launches Digital Appointments

UPDATE: The Iowa Medical Board tried to ban the video chat appointment system Planned Parenthood introduced (details below) and an Iowa state supreme court judge immediately blocked their ban. While the court has yet to make a final decision on whether or not the IMB has the authority to introduce such a restriction, if the ruling is upheld, then Iowa will be the third state to use this prescription-giving system.

If the fear of being accosted by pro-life protesters had kept you from paying a visit to Planned Parenthood, things are looking up. The women's health giant just debuted online video visits so allowing women seeking reproductive healthcare access to contraceptives without ever leaving the comfort of their own home. Yep, you can get your birth control the same way you order a killer pair of heels or new bedding—online. The service is dubbed Planned Parenthood Care, and is accessible through a website or the Planned Parenthood smart phone app.

During the 15 minute 'appointment', patients video chat with a clinician where they discuss what form of birth control is best for her. Once decided, said birth control is shipped directly to her doorstep. The service is priced pretty well, too—just $45 per appointment. The low price tag is essential at this point, as the appointment can't be covered by insurance.

The program is Planned Parenthood's way of trying to connect with the tech-obsessed millennial demographic, as well as ensuring that anyone who wants to access Planned Parenthood's services is able to. As of now, the program only exists in Minnesota and Washington, but in search of a younger generation of patients, we expect that Planned Parenthood in other states will follow suit.


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