How to Recycle Your Date

Date locally, think communally: If you meet a guy who is exceedingly eligible but doesn't turn you on, for whatever reason, set him up with one of your friends. That's what I call really making use of your natural resources.


A short public-service-y post today ...

A few

weeks back, I met a marvelous and handsome gentleman--a medical doctor from Italy who likes to read philosophy in his spare

time--by way of the Internet personals. We went on a fantastic, pretty romantic

date, and at the end, he asked when he could see me again. I'd had a

good time, but I kind of mumbled something about a busy week and asked if I could

my calendar first before we picked a day ... Then he gave me an adorable kiss on the mouth and we waved good-bye.

15 minutes later, he texted to say, I hope you don't mind but I really liked you.

I didn't mind at all! In fact, I was very flattered and had enjoyed his company. But of course, because this is my life, and nothing ever works out right, I wasn't that into him. 

And because I am clearly incapable of doing anything that might be good for my romantic life, I emailed him the next day to say I hadn't felt a crazy spark. But, as I told him, I thought he was a wonderful person. And then I asked him if he would like to meet a friend of mine, a sophisticated magazine editor with a

splashy social life.

He was game; she was game ... and what do you

know? Now they are both looking forward to their date this weekend.

So ... the prhase "one woman's trash is another woman's treasure"

doesn't quite fit here. But perhaps there's some kind of metaphor about

how one outfit that can look just riduclous on one female--too tight

around the tush, too loose around the bosom--can hang perfectly on

another, and make her look gorgeous.

This is the kind of thing I've done a number of times over the years: I've recycled my dates. I set up D-Spech with one dude, Ruby Finch up with another, and I suggested to one dude that he go out with Daisy Milliner (but he must've been offended by the idea, because he never wrote back one way or the other).

The take-home message for all you single people out there is this: Don't think only of yourselves when you meet an eligible (but maybe not-quite-right) romantic possibility. If you find someone great, please think about which of your friends might be great for him (or her).

Are you with me?



also, dear commenters: i like that everyone seems to be more or less in agreement with me about things that make the dudes look sexiola.

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