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Long Distance Relationship Gift Ideas for Couples Who've Made It This Far

Alexa, play "A Thousand Miles."

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Morgan McMullen

A long-distance relationship comes with a unique set of hurdles. Chief among them—aside from the sporadic spans of celibacy and having to deal with interrogations from family and co-workers about when you're going to take the next step together—is not always getting to spend cute holidays together. Namely, that pink- and red-adorned one dedicated to celebrating love. Ahead, 19 Valentine's Day gift ideas for your long-distance love...because they're worth all of the budget airline flights, and then some.

Luxury Box of Chocolates
La Maison Du Chocolat Neiman Marcus

La Maison du Chocolat is the cat's meow of luxe artisanal chocolate brands. If you date a chocolate lover, gift them the French brand's gesture box featuring a fresh assortment of milk and dark ganaches and pralines to win at Valentine's Day. One piece is more divine than the next. 

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Byredo Unnamed Eau de Parfum
Byredo Saks Fifth Avenue

This limited-edition release of Byredo's unnamed perfume comes with three sheets of neon letter stickers for you (or your S.O.!) to decide on the name. With notes of spicy ginger, icy gin, and pin, your loved one's to-be-named perfume sits as a gently woody scent that's apt for all genders. 

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Feel Good Hug Body Wrap

This body wrap pillow feels like an actual warm hug when heated up in the microwave. With gentle and relaxing notes of ginger, lavender, and orange, it's a thoughtful gift to send bae in lieu of a real hug. 

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A Chic Coffee Table Book
teNeues Amazon

There are coffee table books, and then there is this coffee table book. Showcasing beautiful portraits of dogs dressed as what the photographer imagines would be their human personality is a feel-good tome certain to make bae smile. 

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Customized Kissing Print
ArtroomExpo Etsy

Transform a photo of you two kissing into a minimalist piece of home decor. This Etsy vendor has a two-day turnaround time to create a downloadable work of art. It's a savvy idea for a last-minute gift—just note that you'll have to print and frame the piece on your own.

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AirPods Case
Elago Urban Outfitters

For the tech-y S.O., gift them a clip-on AirPods case that's cheekily designed to look like a retro iPod. It's a thoughtful gift for the person who has thrown a fit or two about not knowing where the f*ck their AirPods are.

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Mel Yates
Mr & Mrs Smith Get a Room! Gift Card
Mr & Mrs Smith

Initiate the first step in planning your next rendezvous together by gifting your beau a gift card to Mr And Mrs Smith Hotels, which can be put towards a stay at any of the swoon-worthy boutique properties in its curation. Equal parts fun and practical, this is a gift that’s sure to conjure up wanderlust. Booking on Mr And Mr. Smith’s site ensures you’re getting the best possible price along with fun surprises like chocolates and welcome drinks that make all of the difference. 

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Julien Gontard
Lovebox Spinning Heart Messenger

Make sending heartfelt texts exciting by gifting your loved one this quirky love messenger box. When you download the easy-to-use app that pairs with the box, you'll be able to send a message that'll cause the heart on the box to spin and illuminate on the screen. 

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Loving Scented Candle
Bella Freud Parfum Net-a-Porter

Aptly named Loving, this luxe candle from Bella Freud is far too chic to be cheesy. Light this up to set the mood the next time you're reunited and having a cozy night together. 

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The Bigger Carry-On

With its ejectable battery and smartly-arranged storage compartments, Away's carry-on is legendary. Here, the brand's best-selling Bigger Carry-On in a limited-edition hue for Pantone's Color of the Year 2020 that's certain to make traveling easier the next time your loved one comes to visit. 

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'What I Love About You' Book
Knock Knock Amazon

For a sentimental gift under $10, order this fill-in-the-blank book and make the answers as funny, mushy, or NSFW as you want. 

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All-Purpose Multi-Treatment Oil Balm
Malin + Goetz

For something failsafe in the self-care department, treat your boo to a go-anywhere, non-sticky moisturizing and nourishing balm. Malin + Goetz's Meadowfoam oil balm can be used as an overnight mask,  an aftershave balm, a makeup primer, an after-sun treatment, and a treatment for chapped lips, noses and ears. Even though you won’t be able to hold hands this Valentine’s Day (insert sad face here), this will at least ensure that their hands are being kept super soft. A win-win for everyone. 

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Mr. & Mrs. Muse Mug
Jonathan Adler Shopbop

This chic coffee mug features lips embossed on one side and a mustache on the other so you can pretend you're having coffee together every morning. 

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Travel-Sized Jewelry Case
WOLF Amazon

Small enough to be easily squeezed into her carry-on, this red hot travel-sized jewelry box is a smart choice for the gal who doesn't like to travel without a handful of outfit options. Bonus points if you order this with a cute piece of jewelry thrown inside...just saying. 

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Lipstick Framed Mirror
Seletti FarFetch

This cute framed mirror will add a playful splash of decor to their home and remind them of you every time they look at it. 

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19-09-23 Accessories PM1 B2 todd
Areaware Cubebot
Gift Boutique Shopbop

For a gift that's sweet, under $20, and sure to crack a smile, send a wooden cubebot that can be bent into different shapes. It'll be a crowd-pleaser at your loved one's next book club or wine night that will make for a handsome stand-in until you reunite.

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Lipstick with a Personalized Engraving
Giorgio Armani Beauty

If your Valentine is the type to sport a red lip, gift Giorgio Armani's classic lip maestro in a sexy, fun shade with customizable engraving. The personalized touch will make it the most sentimental lipstick in their beauty bag. 

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Gold Handcuffs

A set of gold handcuffs is a kinky gift couples can look forward to using once they reunite. (You can also "forget where the key is" and convince your partner they'll just have to stay another day.) 

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19-10-23 Accessories AM1 B3 todd
Pearl Heart Earrings
Jennifer Behr Shopbop

Just because you're not going to be there for her to open it, doesn't mean that she doesn't want jewelry! Heart jewelry happens to be very in at the moment, so gift her a pair of Swarovski pearl earrings that are versatile enough to go with any ensemble, but playful enough to make a statement.  


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