39 Items That Increased My Screen Time This Week

Spotted in my daydreams.

Most Coveted
(Image credit: Future)

Most Coveted is a new shopping series sharing our editors' curation of the must-know items they can't stop thinking about.

Believe it or not, editors go through style ruts and lulls when shopping doesn't spark joy. While I could never give up shopping entirely, I've been experiencing a fashion dry season over the past couple of months. Luckily, I'm starting to get my spark back, and the proof lies in my increased screen time and the number of packages on their way to me right now. I've logged countless hours scrolling on my favorite sites and have accumulated quite the spring wish list. I saw thousands of products this week, but these 39 pieces are the most irresistible. I've got dresses, bags, heels, lip products, and more for you to drool over below. If you're fully prepared to treat yourself, keep scrolling.