Makeup How-To: Contour Like a Pro

These pro tricks will help you look like you've instantly dropped 3 pounds or highlight your angles for a perfect selfie every time.

Kathryn Wirsing
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Step 1. Start with your normal foundation over the entire face.

Step 2. Tools and product are key to perfecting a contoured face. Make a line diagonally from the middle of the ear downwards with a cream contour base and contour brush.

Step 3. Blend upward towards the cheekbone using the same brush.

Step 4. Apply along jaw line and blend back and fourth.

Step 5. Apply under the chin from left to right barely touching the skin and a little on the ball of the chin.

Step 6. Apply downwards on either side of the neck.

Step 7. Apply along the forehead and temple at the hairline. Blend contour cream using the brush backwards towards the hair.

Step 8 and 9. Using a small blending brush apply contour along the sides of nose and blend up and down and into the eye socket.

Step 10. Apply a cream blush on the cheekbones in a circular motion to soften the contour and make it look graduated.

Step 11 and 12. Apply highlight powder under jaw line to accentuate your contour using a dense flat angled contouring brush.

Step 13. Powder in the T-zone and under eyes.

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