What's in Serena Williams's Makeup Bag?

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Serena Williams has won every Grand Slam tennis tournament, as well as an Olympic gold medal. More importantly, she's also a self-avowed TBJ ("total beauty junkie").

1. HENRI BENDEL MAKEUP KIT. "It holds all my makeup and is resistant to stains."

2. ESTÉE LAUDER HIGH GLOSS in Clear. "My lips are already pink, so they look good topped with clear."

3. BOBBI BROWN PRESSED POWDER in Golden Orange: "The yellow undertones make it a perfect match."

4. BREATH STRIPS AND GUM. "You can't have stinky breath when you give as many interviews as I do."

5. MAC LASHES. "I never leave home without them."

6. BOBBI BROWN EVERYTHING MASCARA in Black "It's simply awesome."

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7. FLIRT! SQUEEZE ME SUPER SHINY LIP GLOSS KEY CHAIN. "You can't imagine how many times I've used this in a pinch." [Full disclosure: Williams is a guest creator for Flirt! Cosmetics.]

8. LA MER MOISTURIZING CREAM. "I'm forever putting this on my face."

9. ESTÉE LAUDER INDIVIDUALIST NATURAL FINISH MAKEUP in Natural Tan: "It adds a bit of sparkle."

10. PICTURE OF JACKIE, her Jack Russell terrier: "They don't allow pets at Wimbledon or the Australian Open, so I keep her picture on hand at all times."

11. IPOD NANO. "I exercise a lot, so I always need my music with me."

12. FLIRT! I'M WHIPPED EYE SHADOW MOUSSE in 24 KT and CHEEK MOUSSE in Girl Talk: "I use both on eyes and cheeks."

13. DAMONE ROBERTS BROW KIT. "Brows completely shape your face."

14. DANGLY GOLD EARRINGS. "Big earrings elevate any outfit."

"This isn't even my court makeup. That's a whole separate trunk, filled only with things that are melt-proof."