The Best Planners for 2018 to Buy Right Now

Noteworthy: most of them are under $50, too. 🙏

Alpha Females
Why 2018 Is the Year of the Alpha Female

These four women prove the revolution is long overdue.

Science's Horrifying Culture of Sexual Assault
Research labs and field sites are swarming with men who sexually har…
What It's Like to Be a Female Border Patrol Agent
Travel bans. Threats to dismantle DACA. The wall. Since taking offic…
7 Things to Know About Starting a Company
Women-led companies are massively underinvested. Ashley of Before B…
50 Times Women Dominated in 2017

A woman may not be in the White House, but there were myriad other female-driven victories to celebrate this year.

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11 Truly Insane Jobs You Won’t Believe People Get Paid to Do

Three words: professional panda nanny.

6 Power Women on How to Take Charge of Your Career

Hard-won advice from impressive entrepreneurs.

Female Veterans Are Routinely Dismissed and Diminished

We served, too. But America still doesn’t know it.

Gretchen Carlson at TEDWomen: "Sexual Harassment Is a Man's Issue"

She exposed Roger Ailes and a wave of accusations followed. Here's what she says we need to do next.

Meet the Woman Changing the Way We Talk About Disability

Tiffany Yu thinks we're framing disability all wrong in the workplace—and she's created an organization to fix that.

The Perks at These Top Startups Will Make You Rethink Your 9-to-5

LinkedIn released their list for 2017's 50 Most Sought-After Startups and the work perks are unreal.

The Wing's Chic New SoHo Space Will Make You Want to Join ASAP
The badass female-only women's club has officially opened the doors to their second location, and it includes everything from a nap roo…
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Inside Marie Claire's Second-Annual Power Trip

36 hours of non-stop networking 🙌.

The Rise of the Millennial Mortician

Caitlin Doughty thinks we should get closer to our dead loved ones.

How These Two Women Finally Exposed Harvey Weinstein
Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey's New York Times report led to the powerful Hollywood producer's fall—and ignited a national convers…
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Why You Need to Get Assertive to Change Things for the Better in Your Workplace

And how three female bosses—Anne Wojcicki, Bozoma Saint John, and Aileen Lee—are lifting women up.

How I Found Sisterhood in an Industry with Few Women

Being a black female programmer can be lonely.

Imposter Syndrome Almost Ruined Me

I thought getting a novel published would make me elated. Instead, it created crippling self-doubt.

Meet Airbnb's (Not So) Secret Weapon: Belinda Johnson

The company's highest-ranking woman is the quiet force shaping its path to global domination.

The Money Shrink Is Back to Answer Your Most Pressing Financial Questions

Including whether you should take a job just for a higher paycheck.

Target Is Hiring 100,000 Holiday Workers

The job comes with some sweet discounts.

Meet Gwynne Shotwell, the Woman Who Could Take Us to Mars

The SpaceX president sees no extraterrestrial challenge too big to tackle.

Should I Hide My Office Romance?

Career coach Liz Bentley talks dating in the workplace.

Apple Is Hiring 50+ Work from Home Positions Right Now

The job comes with amazing discounts, too.

Meet Meteorologist Kait Parker: The Woman Debunking Fake News Surrounding Climate Change

Yes, climate change is *real.* And Parker is fighting back on behalf of science.

How Randi Zuckerberg Is Teaching Girls in Tech to Dream Big

There's another famous Zuckerberg to put on your radar.