Would You Wear Ethnic Clothes to Work?

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Would you wear a sari to a job interview? How about deadlocks at a board meeting? For thousands of young professional women, displaying ethnic pride at work can be a career-defining decision.

In Marie Claire's March issue, we investigate the inevitable trade-off for women who struggle to maintain professional reputations unfettered by their strong religious or cultural identities — a concern now common among the newest generation of female go-getters.

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In fact, despite working in office that claim to embrace diversity, many young professional women with overtly ethnic names or appearances face pressure to conform — more than their male counterparts, who don't have to reconcile, say, saris or head coverings with a suit-and-tie office culture.

So, what do you think? Take the poll, and see how your stance compares to other women.

Would you wear ethnic clothes to work?

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