5 TV Role Models for Working Women


Develop a Positive Brand

Rule #1: Develop a Positive Brand TV scenario: I dont want to be, like, a guy here, you know? Like Stanley is the Crossword Puzzle Guy and Angela has cats. I dont want to have a thing here. Ryan Howard, The Office. Real Life Lesson: The distinctive habits you develop affect how youre perceived. Decide what your best strength is and play to it.
Kevin Parry

Pursue a hobby

Rule #2: Pursue a hobby TV Scenario: Hey Rhoda, would you do me a favor? Please dont start treating me like Im in show business. I mean, Im still working in the newsroom, huh? This is just something Im doing for fun, OK? Mary Richards, telling her friend Rhoda about the new play in which shes been cast in on The Mary Tyler Moore Show Real Life Lesson: Extracurricular interests will help you blow off steam while propelling you forward professionally. Spend time networking outside of your industry.
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Josh Radnor

Rule #3: Be Flexible TV Scenario: Ted Mosby, the architect on CBS sitcom How I Met Your Mother, often finds himself sneaking back into the office for late-night work sessions. Real Life Lesson: Overtime can take you to the next level, or at least score you some perks. Check your firms official policy about comp time or flex time. Some companies offer additional vacation days for overtime.
L. Cohen

Beware of Office Love

Rule #4: Beware of Office Love TV Scenario: Did you let me scrub in for this operation because I slept with you?Meredith Grey, questioning how her relationship with Dr. Derek Shepard may be dubiously benefiting her at work on Greys Anatomy Real Life Lesson: Bad idea. Avoid romantic entanglements at work. If you must, nix public displays of affection and keep non-business related communication to a minimum. If necessary, disclose the romance to a superior.
Steve Granitz

Keep Learning

Rule #5: Keep Learning TV Scenario: This class is phase one of my career: I write, I get published, I work my way to editor, and then I can run a magazine. Ugly Bettys Betty Suarez, on a writing class shes taking at lunch Real Life Lesson: Furthering your professional education is always a shrewd move if youre looking to advance your career. Carefully assess what skills you still need to acquire before jumping into costly continued education courses. And find out whether your firm will reimburse you for the effort.
Mark Sullivan

Dont buckle.

Rule #6: Dont buckle. TV Scenario: On NBCs 30 Rock, Tina Feys Liz Lemon is regularly dressed-down by Jack, but she doesnt let him knock her down. Liz says, Im the one who always has to clean up the mess afterwards! Jack: Thats why my job is so much better than yours. Life Lesson: Dont crack under pressure if a co-worker bullies you, or try to make your job seem less important than theirs. Channel your energy into your work, the way Liz does every time.
Avik Gilboa
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