Professional Women Come Undone in the Face of Infertility


The Baby Maker, 1970

The Baby Maker, 1970 Eight years before the first test tube baby is born, this period piece focuses on hippie surrogate Tish Gray (Barbara Hershey) and her relationship with a childless couple. She and the hopeful baby daddy (Sam Groom) get knocked up the old fashioned way, in a cheap hotel room just like the good lord intended.

Raising Arizona, 1987

Raising Arizona, 1987 Childless and desperate, an ex-con, played by a wildly-coiffed Nicolas Cage, and his little desert flower (the indomitable Holly Hunter) hatch an infantile Robin Hood scheme to steal a baby from an achingly fertile family. The original Coen brothers desert masterpiece.
Melinda Sue Gordon

Immediate Family, 1989

Immediate Family, 1989 Glenn Close and James Wood are an upper class, childless Seattle couple who seek out the assistance of a private adoption agency. When a pregnant mid-western gal (Mary Stewart Masterson) arrives to check out the prospective parents for her unborn baby, its a hot mess as she tries to figure out if more money equals better parenting.

My Cousin Vinnie, 1992

My Cousin Vinnie, 1992 Marisa Tomei may very have nabbed her Supporting Actress Oscar for this whine, delivered in her best Brooklynese to co-star Joe Pesci: "Well, I hate to bring it up, because I know you got enough pressure on you already. BUT, we agreed to get married as soon as you won your first case. Meanwhile, ten years later, my niece, the daughter of my sister, is gettin' married! My biological clock is tickin' like this, and the way this case is goin', I ain't never gettin' married!"
Ben Glass

Junior, 1994

Junior, 1994 The improbable Nineties comedy duo of Schwarzenegger & Devito gave us this critical clunker about a scientist who implants an egg in himself when his funding for the experimental drug Expectane gets cut. Mind-numbing fare, but they cant all be Twins.
Jesse Grant

A Smile Like Yours, 2000

A Smile Like Yours, 2000 Greg Kinnear, who plays Tina Feys love interest in Baby Mama, has stumbled down the infertile road before, starring opposite Lauren Holly as a San Fran couple frantic to have a baby. Enlisting all kinds of New Age shenanigans to get Hollys eggo preggo, Kinnears lazy swimmers struggle to get upstream.
Melissa Mosely

Juno, 2007

Juno, 2007 Sure Ellen Page hogged all the kudos for this years Oscar darling, Juno, but it was Jennifer Garners seemingly uptight yuppie palpable yearning for a child that gave the movie its considerable heart.
Donato Sardella
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