The Alpha Girl Cheat Sheet

MC has you covered with this quick and easy primer on acing your stickiest work situations.


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    Acing a Media Appearance

    Keep your makeup light and avoid wearing loud patterns, suggests Suzanne Spurgeon, a former vice president at CNN and founder of Women Media Pros. "Nearly everyone looks good in blue," she says. Have a friend interview you on camera, even via cell phone. "It's important to see what you look like, whether you have unusual mannerisms or tics you need to correct in advance," she adds. Be ruthless: Take note of what you're doing with your hands, whether you overuse "likes" or "ums," even if you blink too often. Once the camera is rolling, relax, smile, and talk slowly. When you're done with your point, stop talking. Most important: Unless the subject is tragic, make sure you're enthusiastic. "If you're not excited about your message," Spurgeon says, "who else is going to care?"
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