Geek-Chic Gadget Gift Ideas

Nerd alert! We're so glad it's officially cool to be a little dweeby because we are geeking out over these cool tech-savvy finds. From touch screens to the push of a button, these products are sure to be on everyone's list, even if they haven't heard of most of them yet.


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    Panasonic Lumix Digital Camera

    For the amateur photographer of your group, this slim point-and-shoot is the perfect accessory for a glam night out. With just a few swipes on the touch screen, you can add eye shadow, blush, or lipstick to an image and even use setting to reduce shine, whiten teeth and smooth out wrinkles. It's an instant makeover session you can literally keep in your back pocket. $180 at Panasonic.
    Courtesy of Panasonic
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