Anna Kendrick Already Stole the Show at This Year's Oscars

Sorry not sorry, NPH.

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Sure, Neil Patrick Harris is technically the host of this year's Oscars. And yeah, he was his usual charming self during tonight's opening monologue. But the best decision he could have made was bringing on the real star of the night: Anna Kendrick.

Like Harris, Kendrick has made a career out of her pipes. Fun fact: She was nominated for a Tony at the ripe old age of 12. And lately, she's been singing all over the place: Pitch Perfect, Into the Woods, and The Last Five Years.

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So tonight, she dressed up in her Cinderella finest and completely stole the show from Harris and fellow guest performer Jack Black. As she does.

Watch the whole performance below. Kendrick gets started at about 2:30:

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And in case she needed to get even more cool points, here's how Kendrick plans to celebrate: 

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