The Best Celebrity Couple Halloween Costumes of All Time

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our favorite celebrity couples costumes
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If your goal is to win the costume contest this year, take note, because no one does Halloween like Hollywood. Sure, loads of money and glam teams make it possible, but these A-listers also know that pulling inspiration from iconic duos from history is key. From Sonny and Cher to Beetlejuice and Lydia, we rounded up the best celebrity couple Halloween costumes through the years. Whether you're looking for inspiration for you and your boo or are just browsing, please enjoy these epic costumes.

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patrick schwarzenegger and abby champion as austin powers and fembot
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Patrick Schwarzenegger and Abby Champion as Austin Powers and Fembot

Patrick Schwarzenegger gives the camera his best Austin Powers impersonation (honestly, not bad), and Abby Champion stuns as the film's female lead at a party in 2018.

neil patrick harris and david burtka as mary kate and ashley olsen
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Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka as Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

Remember when our favorite couple dressed up as our favorite set of twins for Halloween? These outfits are *chef's kiss.*

molly sims and scott stuber as jeannie and major nelson
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Molly Sims and Scott Stuber as Jeannie and Major Nelson

Molly Sims and her husband, Scott Stuber, threw it back to the '60s to pay tribute to one of the best shows of all time, I Dream of Jeannie. We just hope she didn't have to refer to him as Master all night...

benito skinner and terrence o'connor as kylie and kendall jenner
Mike CoppolaGetty Images
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Benito Skinner and Terrence O'Connor as Kylie and Kendall Jenner

Was there anything more iconic in 2019 than Kylie and Kendall Jenner's Met Gala looks!? Benito Skinner and Terrence O'Connor's Halloween costumes were a close runner-up.

jessica biel and justin timberlake
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Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake as Justin Timberlake and a Microphone

Exhibit A of why JT and Jessica Biel are the best. Biel dressed up as her husband circa 2000 (curly hair and all) and he was her microphone.

evan peters and halsey as sonny and cher
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Evan Peters and Halsey as Sonny and Cher

Full disclaimer: These costumes weren't even for a Halloween party. The former couple casually decided to attend the American Horror Story 100th episode celebration as Sonny and Cher.

the weeknd and bella hadid as beetlejuice and lydia
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The Weeknd and Bella Hadid as Beetlejuice and Lydia

In 2018, Bella Hadid and The Weeknd raised the bar on all future couples costumes by looking unrecognizable as Lydia and Beetlejuice from the classic 1988 movie.

joey fatone and izabel araujo
Denise TruscelloGetty Images
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Joey Fatone and Izabel Araujo as the Twins from 'The Shining'

Joey Fatone and his girlfriend, Izabe Araujo, opted for a couples costume that's equal parts brilliant and terrifying. We may never be the same.

lisa rinna and harry hamlin
gotpap/Bauer-GriffinGetty Images
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Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin as Edie Sedgwick and Andy Warhol

Is Harry Hamlin trying to tell us Lisa Rinna is his muse? We think so.

liam payne and maya henry as batman and catwoman
Ricky Vigil MGetty Images
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Liam Payne and Maya Henry as Batman and Catwoman

No, Liam Payne isn't throwing his hat in the ring to play Batman. He simply took Halloween very seriously in 2019, with his girlfriend, Maya Henry.

brody jenner and kaitlynn carter
Michael KovacGetty Images
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Brody Jenner and Kaitlynn Carter as Tony Montana and Elvira Hancock from 'Scarface'

Brody Jenner and Kaitlynn Carter gave a nod to one of cinema's most famous couples in 2018.

dylan sprouse and barbara palvin
Taylor HillGetty Images
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Dylan Sprouse and Barbara Palvin as Anime Characters

Dylan Sprouse and Barbara Palvin looked ready for a fight when they arrived at a Halloween party in 2018. Sprouse resembled Future Trunks from Dragon Ball Z and Palvin was Gaara from Naruto.

mark birnbaum and tori praver
Bryan SteffyGetty Images
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Mark Birnbaum and Tori Praver as Edward Lewis and Vivian Ward from 'Pretty Woman'

Model Tori Praver's outfit looked nearly identical to the famous look Julia Roberts wore for the classic rom-com.

ryan seacrest and shayna taylor
gotpap/Bauer-GriffinGetty Images
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Ryan Seacrest and Shayna Taylor as Karl Lagerfeld and Anna Wintour

Ryan Seacrest was the Karl Lagerfeld to Shayna Taylor's Anna Wintour in 2018. Seacrest even brought along the designer's cat, Choupette, for good measure.

devon windsor and jonathan barbara
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Devon Windsor and Jonathan Barbara as Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake

The Victoria's Secret model and Jonathan Barbara took us back to the year 2001 with the iconic ensemble Britney and JT wore to the American Music Awards.

frankie grande and daniel sinasohn
Gilbert CarrasquilloGetty Images
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Frankie Grande and Daniel Sinasohn as Trolls

Frankie Grande and his boyfriend, Daniel Sinasohn, took their couples costume into the fantasy world, dressing as characters from the movie Trolls in 2018.

neil patrick harris and david burtka
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Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka as Westley and Inigo Montoya

We wonder how the couple decided who would be the dashing Westley and who would dress as the out-for-revenge Inigo Montoya. Either way, Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka crushed it, per usual.

cindy crawford and rande gerber
Kevin MazurGetty Images
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Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber as a Stewardess and Pilot

Holy Pan Am! Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber's 2018 Halloween costume as a '60s stewardess and pilot, respectively, could fly us to the moon.

sarah hyland and wells adams as taco belle
Rodin EckenrothGetty Images
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Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams as Taco Belle

We would expect nothing less than a pun-filled couples costume from Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams, who went as "Taco Belle." Clever!

heidi klum and tom kaulitz
TheStewartofNYGetty Images
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Heidi Klum and Tom Kaulitz as Fiona and Shrek

Heidi Klum is known for her remarkable costumes, but even this one took things to the next level. The model and her husband Tom Kaulitz were unrecognizable in 2018 as the Shrek characters.

the gerber family as rock icons
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The Gerber Family as Rock Icons

Cindy Crawford and her family were inspired by rock icons in 2018. Kaia was Joan Jett, Rande Gerber was David Bowie's Ziggy Stardust, and Cindy Crawford was Debbie Harry, respectively.

jasmine sanders and terrence j
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Jasmine Sanders and Terrence J as Wilma and Fred Flintstone

Terrence J and Jasmine Sanders traveled back to pre-historic time to embody the cartoon characters from The Flintstones for Halloween. Yabba dabba doo!

kim kardashian and jonathan cheban
Neilson BarnardGetty Images
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Kim Kardashian and Jonathan Cheban as Cher and Sonny Bono

Kim Kardashian and her best friend, Jonathan Cheban, nailed the couple's look in 2017—and they're not even a couple. The duo dressed up like Sonny and Cher, and it was epic.

sarah paulson and holland taylor
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Sarah Paulson and Holland Taylor as a Panda and a Joker

The actresses may not be matching, per se, but both women donned incredibly cozy onesies for a Halloween party in 2017. Note to self: Wear a onesie this year.

skylar astin and anna camp
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Skylar Astin and Anna Camp as 'Wayne's World'

Party on! The Pitch Perfect costars nailed their couples costume in 2017, dressing like the main characters from Wayne's World.

katy perry and orlando bloom
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Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom as Hillary and Bill Clinton

Just another example of how celebrities are over-the-top on Halloween. The Clinton's Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry left a Halloween party in 2016 with a full secret service detail.

hilarity for charity's 5th annual los angeles variety show seth rogen's halloween
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Seth Rogen and Lauren Miller as Mario and Luigi

Seth Rogan and his wife, Lauren Miller, kept things simple for their joint Halloween costume, dressing up as the iconic Nintendo characters.

heidi klum halloween party   arrivals
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Emily Ratajkowski and Jeff Magid as Marge and Bart Simpson

In 2015, Emily Ratajowski and her then-boyfriend, Jeff Magid, donned yellow body paint to transform into the Simpsons for Halloween. They even brought their own donut.

channing and jenna dewan tatum
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Jenna Dewan and Channing Tatum as 'Cat in the Hat'

The now-divorced couple paid homage to Dr. Seuss's Cat in the Hat story with matching costumes in 2015.

jennifer lopez and casper smart
Nicholas HuntGetty Images
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Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart as Skeletons

The actress and Casper Smart wore all black formalwear paired with elaborate face makeup for an unforgettable Halloween look. This is what we call spooky chic.

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