Health Inspectors Say Mar-a-Lago's Food Is Potentially Hazardous

Wait, even the "beautiful" chocolate cake?!

Remember the other day when Trump was bragging extensively about the "beautiful" chocolate cake he ate at Mar-A-Lago during the Syria missile strike? Yeah, not so fast.

Health inspectors in Florida recently paid a visit to the estate's kitchen, and cited at least 10 violations, including (according to Buzzfeed) "potentially dangerous handling of raw meat and uncooked fish." Three of said violations are "high priority" (i.e. they could make people sick).

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If you're planning a visit to Mar-A-Lago, you might want to stay away from the undercooked fish in particular, as investigators noted that it had "not undergone proper parasite destruction." Also, the meats being stored at dangerous temperatures ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

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