8 Must-Read Books for the Beach

You'll be hooked by page two.

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Book: The Heiresses

Author: Sara Shepard (Harper)

Hook: When a picture-perfect young diamond heiress fall out of her office window, her sister and cousins in line for the family fortune wonder: Was it really suicide? And if not: Who's next?

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Book: The Secret Life of Violet Grant

Author: Beatriz Williams (Putnam)

Hook: Vivian, a sassy Bryn Mawr graduate, receives a mysterious suitcase in the mail, and uncovers the passionate, crime-ridden story of her enigmatic Aunt Violet.

Book: The Vacationers

Author: Emma Straub (Riverhead)

Hook: The Post family escapes New York for two weeks of blissful summer vacation in Mallorca, but their problems—sex, lies, career woes—come along, too. Read it and appreciate your own drama-free life.

Book: The Quick

Author: Lauren Owen

Hook: In 1890s London, vampires are on the loose and aimless poet James Norbury is missing. His sister Charlotte, attempting to track him down, encounters more than just fangs.

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Book: I Am Having So Much Fun Here Without You

Author: Courtney Maum (Touchstone)

Hook: Richard is a philandering artist at the brink of success who decides to focus on his art and his family-right as his wife discovers his lying, cheating ways.

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Book: The Girl Who Was Saturday Night

Author: Heather O'Neil (Farrar, Straus &Giroux)

Hook: When the fraternal twin children of a famous musician enter the spotlight on their own merits, the tools they've developed to deal with paparazzi (thanks, Dad!) may not be sufficient.

Book: Above the East China Sea

Author: Sarah Bird (Knopf)

Hook: Toggling between the viewpoints of two teen girls on the island of Okinawa—Tamiko, a World War II-era local, and Luz, a present-day Air Force brat-this is a moving dual coming of age story.

Book: Euphoria

Author: Lily King (Atlantic Monthly Press)

Hook: Inspired by ahead-of-her-time scientist Margaret Mead, this novel tells the story of three anthropologists working in the jungles of New Guinea in the 1930s who are caught in a dark and tumultuous love triangle.

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