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Berries never looked so sweet! BlackBerry steps it up with their latest model, the BlackBerry Curve 8300 phone. The brand's smallest and lightest phone yet, the Curve comes in a sleek silver design and features all the BlackBerry standards plus much more. Get connected with a built-in camera, map feature, media player, and even expandable memory to store all those e-mails. Basically, if you can dream it, this phone has got it.

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Available from BlackBerry, blackberry.com; price not yet determined.


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Have a lot of business cards? Keep them in a rolodex. Have a lot of shoes? Do the same! The Shoe Wheel from Rakku Designs takes the concept from your desktop to your closet by creating a functional and fun way to store your shoes. The wheel accommodates any shoe, from sneakers to stilettos. Just slip them in between the elastic bands and say goodbye to messy closets. When you're ready to go, give the wheel a spin and select your footwear for the day. And look out for the Shoe Pod coming out this summer, the same concept as the wheel, but in a half-circle, to save even more space.

Available from Rakku Designs, www.rakkudesigns.com; $65


A straightener that curls and a curler that straightens? Sounds impossible, but ghd claims a versatile hair iron is finally here! The New ghd Styler looks and performs like a straightening iron, but its slightly rounder barrel allows for cascading curls as well as stick straight locks. To help achieve the different looks, each iron comes with a DVD featuring step-by-step instructions on how to style your hair. Ceramic prevents static and a new safety feature cues an automatic shut off if left unattended. The cost will leave your wallet feeling light, but for the hair tool that does it all, it may just be worth the splurge.

Available from ghd, www.ghdhair.com; $240


For those looking to add a little art to their everyday life, designer Jozeph Forakis' take on the classic kitchen timer is the perfect answer. The simple design of the Kitchen Tape Timer will look good in any modern kitchen and the unconventional design will bring a little fun to your next baking project. Simply pull up the ring for the desired time and watch the tape tick down. A necessity? Probably not. But it's way cuter than that clock on your oven.

Available from Jozeph Forakis Designs and Kikkerland Designs, www.momastore.com; $18


Kiss superstition goodbye! With the Veritas Mirror from Simplicitas, you'll never have to worry about those seven years of bad luck again. The mirror, made from stainless steel, claims to be unbreakable, yet still provides a perfect reflection. Only the size of a credit card, the Veritas is a high-tech mirror perfect for on-the-go touch ups. Now just remember to steer clear of those black cats.

Available from Simplicitas, www.simplicats.se/veritas; from $35

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