How to Make a High-Tech Fashion Statement

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If you're a label junkie like I am then your tech shouldn't be left out of the loop. There are a number of designers who have lent a helping hand to the world of gadgetry. Here's a look at some of my favorite fashion-forward gadgets and accessories.

A Case for Couture

A nice couture case is always a must if you're constantly out and about with your gadgets. Check out these cell phone, Blackberry, and iPod cases to outfit your gadgets:

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Louis Vuitton iPod Case

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Swarovski Crystal iPhone Faceplate

Gucci Blackberry Case

Kate Spade Tarrytown Portable Media Case

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Juicy Couture Terry Daisy Cell Phone Case

Calling All Singles

If your goal is to make people take a second look at you and your cell, look no further. Here are a few devices that are sure to make that hottie across the room drool.

The Peter Aloisson Nokia Phone

With 680 pink and white diamonds encrusted on this $130,000 Nokia phone, this tops the very expensive cake you're probably eating if you're lucky enough to own one of these

Vertu Ascent Ti

When this phone came on the market everyone went nuts when they saw the price ($6,300!). Soon after, I saw a guy actually using it. I'm not going to lie, it makes you stop and stare and wish you could be him or be with him.

LG Prada Phone

With its cool lines and slick colors, the design is nothing less than what you'd expect from this brand. The touch-screen is fancy and, as an everyday phone, it's surprisingly practical.

Dolce & Gabbana V3i by Motorola

If gold is what does it for you, then this is the blingest phone on the market. Although it has been out for awhile, the Razr is a decent phone with standard cool functions. My guess is there's a new one around the corner so you'll be able to pick up this particular model inexpensively.

She Works Hard for the Money

Computers and laptops typically don't make a fashion statement. Check out these high-end models to spice up your gadget closet.

Acer Ferrari 400 Laptop

With a name like that you have to assume this thing is going to be focused on speed and style. The system's quick speed races you through the Web and the computer comes complete with red racing stripes and leather interior-like case.

Sneak Peak: Singulum Handmade Computer

This individually handcrafted computer, which comes complete with a big diamond in the center of the keyboard, is made from fine wood, a 24K gold and ivory keyboard, and is fully customizable. Price? Prepare to deplete your savings.

Cat Schwartz, eBay Gadget Director

Cat Schwartz is one of the leading tech experts in the country, widely known for her electric commentary on the hottest gadgets and how to use them. Cat gained a dedicated following after developing new high tech ways to distribute TV content over the Web, followed by her show on TechTV, "The Screen Savers." As eBay Gadget Director, Cat educates consumers on the wide array of consumer electronics available on the site. She regularly appears on the TODAY Show, offering a fresh, easy-to-understand approach to consumer electronics. She has also appeared on "Howard Stern," "Live with Regis and Kelly," and the CBS Evening News. For more information, visit

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