101 Lazy Girl Makeover Tips

These are the best new tips and tricks for shortcut ways to score flawless hair, skin, and makeup.


January 1, 2012 1:00 AM

Ring Around the Collar

"To create the illusion of a more sculpted shoulder and neck area, shade and blend bronzer into the hollows of the collar bones," explains makeup artist Marissa Nemes, who works with Victoria's Secret Angel Candice Swanepoel. "Then, take a translucent, illuminating powder and apply it directly to the ridges of your decollete to make it stand out. This trick will slim out the top part of your body in less than two minutes!"

Bronze Beauties

"If you need definition and color, use cream bronzer to highlight your eyes, lips, and cheeks," advises celebrity makeup artist Tina Turnbow, whose client roster includes celebs like Mary Louise Parker and Natalie Portman.

Shin-y Star

"When wearing short skirts, add a little highlighter up the center of each leg to contour," suggests Meredith Baraf, a Victoria's Secret makeup artist who regularly works with Adriana Lima. "This trick reflects light to the middle of the leg and recedes over the outer leg, making your gams look leaner and longer."

Quick Texture

"Use a large-barreled curling iron to add bounce to straight hair," advises Redken Creative Consultant, Guido. "Keep the tong open and wrap small sections of hair around the iron, leaving the ends out. Do this in random pieces throughout your hair, all around your head. The rougher it looks the better—then tousle the curls out with your fingers."

Bunny Honey

The perfect fix-all for limp or frizzy hair? "Wear it up in a tight, high, ballerina bun," advises Instyler spokesperson and celebrity hairstylist Dean Banowetz. "This look is super and really shows off bone structure, too."

Slim Gyms

"When rocking shape wear, always make sure you buy the correct size," warns Spanx founder Sarah Blakely. "If you’re in the right fit, your shaper shouldn’t roll, ride, or pinch. Sometimes women think that sizing down drastically will give them extra slimming compression, but it often sacrifices fit and comfort."


"When my hair feels frazzled, I throw two egg yolks—they're packed with lecithin—on my head, and top it with a handful of purifying shampoo. If I leave the mix on for 20 minutes, rinse and dry, I end up with dazzling shine," explains Marcia Kilgore, founder of Bliss, Fit Flops, and Soap & Glory.

Smoky Bare

"For a quick, red-carpet ready smoky eye, apply your dramatic makeup in phases," explains Pati Dubroff, Clarins Celebrity Beauty Artist and makeup maven to the likes of Charlize Theron and Eva Mendes. "As you line your upper lash line, smudge the line with your finger, blink repeatedly, then blend. Keep blending and applying additional layers of pencil until you get the density of smoke you want or you run out of time.”
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Simple Solutions

"For a red-carpet worthy style in less than five minutes, rake a leave-in cream through strands and part to one side," explains Dove Celebrity Stylist Mark Townsend (Lea Michele and Jennifer Lawrence are fans). "Then, pull your hair into a low braid, and tuck and pin the ends beneath the base. Finish with extra-hold hairspray to prevent wispies."

Masking Stake

"Before a presentation or date, I always like to use a hydrating mask for 5-10 minutes for the antioxidant benefits," says Beauty.com Luxury Skincare and Fragrance Category Manager, Suzy Lang. "You can also use this time to check up on emails."

Mani Makeover

"Last minute mani's and pedi's can be a gamble, but Liquid Palisade makes it foolproof," notes Vanessa Kuykendall, Beauty.com's Category Manager for Makeup, Hair Care, and Accessories. "Just brush the serum around the edges of the nail, like you would apply painters' tape, then apply polish to your nails like normal. Peel it off when your tips are dry, and you’re good to go!"

Mist a Lot

"To improve skin's dryness within seconds, use a hydrating spray for instant nourishment," advises Lisa Vela, lead aesthetician at NYC's AmorePacific Spa. "It will revive the look of tired mugs, plus you don't need to fuss about looking in the mirror. This is an especially great trick for the plane."

Cardio Cuties

Have five minutes to spare before going out? "Do 500 jogs in place for five minutes," recommends celebrity personal trainer Terri Walsh. "It will give your face and skin an overall, healthy glow without getting you sweaty."

Curly Cues

"Always, always, always curl your lashes to widen the appearance of your eyes," says Lori Talyor, lead makeup artist for Smashbox, whose clients include Kerry Washington and Rosario Dawson.

C the Benefits

"If discoloration or pigmentation issues are a concern, use a Vitamin C serum to instantly give your mug an all-day glow," says Victoria's Secret makeup artist Sarah Maxwell. "You can use it on its own or under an illuminator."

Parting Ways

The best 10-second makeover tip for your mane? "Change your part," says Aussie Celebrity Hairstylist Sarah Potempa, who works with stars like Faith Hill. "When you get out of the shower, create your new part and blow-dry your strands in that direction to retrain your locks."

City Mousse

"Put mousse in your hair no matter what," advises Mizu Salon hairstylist Dominick Pucciarello. "It will always make your strands look and feel fuller and sexier. Plus, it helps tame unruly ends."

Abs-olutely Fabulous

"Fake it 'til you make it when it comes to instant abs!" says Lauren Cosenza who works with Victoria's Secret Angel Lindsay Ellington. "Add an extra shot of tinted body spray to contour stomach muscles."

Peek-a-Boo Points

"Add an accent, like feathers or a tiny braid, to your typical hairstyle for an instant upgrade," says Banowetz.

Red-Carpet Ready

"For gorgeous, full hair in no time, set your strands in hot rollers for 15 minutes, and brush out the waves when done—it's a no-fail approach to volume," Townsend recommends.

Twisted Sister

"An easy way to detox icky-feeling organs is do some seated yoga twists," suggests Walsh. "Cross one leg over the other and reach around your knee with the opposite arm, thereby turning your body. To deepen the twist, clasp arms and pull in your navel. Maintain this position for two minutes before repeating on the other side. This will stimulate circulation and promote the release of toxins."

Step Up

"For the right placement and ease of entry, step into shape wear, including camis, strapless slips, and body suits," advises Blakely.

Pencil It In

"If you're using a smudgey eye pencil, apply it first with your finger to make a quick smoky eye, then use the point to line the inner rim of the lid," adds Turnbow.

Easy Bend

"To add texture to just-washed hair, towel dry it roughly," explains Guido. "Then, add a small amount of light-hold hairspray once it's completely dry. Pull strands back into a ponytail, twist it into a bun, and clip the knot into place with large U-pins. Let the bun set for 15 minutes, then remove the pins, and shake out your hair for added body allover."

Time Saver

Forgot your luminzer but need to emphasize your killer cheekbones? "Use a pearly white eye shadow to double-duty as highlighter in a pinch," Turnbow says.

Crease and Desist

"Creases can appear on lids if you have oily skin or if you use cream eye shadows," explains Baraf. "I like to use eye primers to create a stay-put base for all lid colors, dark or pastel."

Face Time

"If all this fails, and you need to get ready in a flash, rely on style over skin," notes Kilgore. "Try thick-rimmed glasses, sexy neutral lipstick, a turtleneck, and a messy ponytail or top-knot."


"For touchable hold, spritz a flat hair brush with hairspray before taming strands," says Townsend. "This will evenly distribute product and allow you to add volume with your fingers."

Play Makeup Artist

"Never apply eye shadow directly from the container," Taylor warns. "Always tap or smear it on your hand first to warm it up and ensure better blending and building of color."

Rinse Cycle

The best tip for making your face look fresh after a sleepless night? "Soak a washcloth in very warm water, press it against your skin, and give your face a good scrub," explains Kilgore. "Then, rinse, and splash your face with ice-cold water. Your capillaries will respond to the changes in heat, which will stimulate lymph vessels and blood flow for better depuffing."

Rosy Rounds

"When you're using blush, make sure that you apply it with a fluffy brush and sweep color from the apples of your cheeks into your hairline," adds Taylor. "It's the best way to disperse color lightly and flawlessly."

Winter Repair

"To treat winter-dried strands, apply a light oil to your hair at the mid-length mark and work it into the ends," says Guido. "Be sure to use enough to saturate the locks. Twist and pin up your whole head of hair and take a hot shower to help the oil steam into the hair shaft. Shampoo hair at the last minute—or sleep with the oil on and shampoo it out in the morning—this is a low-maintenance way to replenish and moisturize frazzled hair."

March of the Pants

Thinking about wearing a mid-thigh shaper with pants? Don't. "I recommend that people go with a style that doesn’t stop on the thigh. It's always better to create a line by wearing footless pantyhose instead," explains Blakely. 

Brow House

"Always brush your eyebrows up and towards the temple!" exclaims Maxwell. "Even when you're going for the minimal makeup look, groomed brows will open up your whole face."

Elaborate Do's

"If your hair is freshly washed and too slippery to stay in updo's, use a mattifying hair powder at the roots to give strands next day volume," advises Guido.

Cellulite Cuts

"Mask the look of cellulite with an instant tan lotion that has shimmer in it to bounce back light and hide imperfections," says Cosenza.

Neck Ties

"For a  leaner neck and a more sculpted jawline, brush matte bronzer along the jaw, the middle of the neck, and top of the chest," Kukendall recommends. "This instantly takes ten pounds off your face in photos!"

Thigh Highs

"Do a wall sit if you feel like your inner-thighs are looking less than toned," adds Walsh. "Place a book or yoga block between your knees as you sit with your back up against a wall, with your knees bent and the back of your legs parallel to the floor. Hold this position for 1-5 minutes. Your legs will definitely feel less jiggly."

Double Trouble

"Using tinted moisturizer on your legs is a great way to create a more toned look in seconds," explains Maxwell. "Plus, hydrating formulas will also help fight flakes year round."

Frizz Fighter

"If you have coarse or curly hair, always finish styling your freshly-straightened look with a smoothing serum," says Potempa. "This will prevent frizz all-day long, as well as infuse a healthy amount of shine."

Dabby Chic

"After applying lipstick from the tube or with a brush, press color in with your fingers to make the overall effect more natural," Taylor notes.

Smooth Sailing

"When wearing clingy fabrics, go with a sleek, seamless shaper versus control-top hosiery," explains Blakely. "They don't show any lines, and still offer great shaping, even under the tightest knits."

Great Crepes

"Prevent the area under your eyes from looking crepe-y by lightly dusting translucent powder over concealer to set the look," Taylor recommends.

Gam Girls

Tighten your thighs in one easy move. "Stand up straight, with your feet hip-width apart and try to lift your right leg hip-level high," adds Walsh. "Attempt to hold this for one minute, then switch sides. Your thighs will feel leaner, pulled in and tighter." (Just don't try this in heels as our model does here!)

Style Stars

"To make it easier to try out different looks at home, always ask your stylist to style your hair the opposite of your daily look when you get a cut," says Banowentz. "If you normally go for curls, try straighter strands, and vice versa."

Powder Puff Girls

"If you are a powder user and want to achieve a glowy look, use an extra-hydrating moisturizer prior to application," advises Taylor. "Work the powder in while skin is still dewy and then spritz a facial mist to help the makeup set. This will create a pretty, healthy sheen."

Wonderful Waves

"When your hair is slightly damp, twist it up into a loose bun before you go to bed," suggests Townsend. "In the morning, just let it down and rake your fingers through with a dime-sized amount of serum to add shine and texture."

Getting Lippy

"Line the outer ridges of your pout ever so slightly to give the illusion of fuller-looking lips," Taylor adds.

Fake Lengths

Who needs extensions? "Create a faux bob to try out a shorter cut without the commitment," adds Banowetz. "Take your hair and secure it into a loose, low ponytail. Then, roll up your strands, tucking them underneath, as if they were short. Secure the look with open or closed bobby pins."

Prep Squad

"For your best face, always make sure that skin is properly prepped before applying any makeup," explains Taylor. "Primers, serums, and lotions help refresh tired skin throughout the day, so you don't have to worry about touch-ups."

Arm & Glamour

"Wearing a top that bares your shoulders and arms can be unnerving if your muscles aren't toned. So, do some arm rotations," advises Walsh. "Stand with both arms raised out to the sides, elbows slightly bent, and rotate your arms from the shoulders forward as much as possible then backwards as far as possible. Keep this going for five full minutes. Don't let the arms drop! Your shoulders, biceps, and triceps will feel leaner and longer instantly."

Camouflage Wars

"Remember that you can always sheer out thicker concealer with moisturizer to apply it lighter in some areas and heavier to other ones," explains Turnbow.

Pout, Set, Match

"You can always use translucent powder—be careful with the application!—to set more pigmented lip looks," says Taylor.

Rub A Dub Dub

"I’m a big fan of in-shower scrubs because they promote microcirculation and help remove dead cells to leave your skin looking fresher, more youthful, and dewy," adds Kilgore.

Beat the Bloat

"Three days before going to a special occasion, ditch the starchy carbohydrates from your regular meals," warns Walsh. "Your stomach will be flattened, and you won't be bloated before your big night out."

Dry Times

"Save yourself a pre-party meltdown, and never put shape wear in the dryer," explains Blakely. "It will break down the slimming magic overtime—I like to wash my pieces in a lingerie bag on the delicate cycle and then hang them to dry."

Buget Blowout

No time for a proper styling? "Spray flexible-hold hairspray on a flat, paddle brush and brush it though strands before gathering your hair into two, loose buns," advises Townsend. "Let the buns set for 10 minutes, then take them down and shake out your hair. You'll love the bounce and volume."

Muffin Stop

"To mask a muffin top, look for high-waisted shapers with laser-cut or bonded leg openings," Blakely suggests. "The silhouette smoothes unwanted lumps, bumps and rolls, and the leg-band-free styles won't dig in or be visible under clothes."

Eye Declare

Need an easy way to warm up pale cheeks? "A fat, bronzey-pink eye pencil can be used on your lids and face to score a warm glow," explains Turnbow. "Just remember to tab the product on your cheeks to guarantee that you don't end up with too much pigment."

Ladies Who Lunch

"When creating one of this season's trendy bun looks, use this backstage tip, and cover the knot with a hair net that matches your shade," suggests Potempa. "This will catch any flyaways and help to secure the updo."

Bum Lift

"Before slipping into your favorite jeans, try a resistance band back kick to give your bum a lift," notes Walsh. Loop a long resistance band around the sides of a chair, or the rungs of a slotted chair back. Face the chair, loop your heel into the resistance band, bend at the waist, place one hand on the chair seat and one hand on the chair back, and kick the heel backwards until your leg is extended straight behind you. Do this exercise four times, one minute at a time until you get to five minutes on each side. Your butt will immediately feel higher, rounder, and tighter."

Glowing Girl

"Before you run out the door, add a moisturizer over self-tanned or sun-kissed skin to keep your glow looking fresh," adds Baraf. "Using a shimmering lotion will have the dual purpose of moisturizing and adding sheen."

Slow Lotion

"Apply your favorite body butter onto damp skin, just after showering," adds Kilgore. "It traps water in your skin’s surface layers, making you less susceptible to winter flakes."

Let it Gel

"Brow gels are a great product pick for women with unruly hair," says Nemes. "Simply apply a clear gel to the entire length of the eyebrow with a brush to prevent curls and stray hairs."

Lashing Out

Don't fret if you forgot your eyeliner. "You can always use a firm, small brush to apply mascara to the lash line," notes Turnbow.


"Sometimes, acne treatments can dry out the surrounding areas of a pimple," warns Nemes. "To prevent flakiness, apply a pure oil serum on the spot overnight so it seeps in and replenishes rough patches. This will hydrate and rebalance the skin while treating the blemish, too."

Lip Service

Chapped or flaky lips? "Skip the menthol-based balms," explains Kilgore. "A lot of woman think that medicated lip potions are the only way to hydrate during the winter months, but while menthol and camphor might feel good at first, they create an addiction for your lips by drying them out even more."

Stronge Foundation

"To get a natural glow, only apply foundation where you need it, like around the nose and chin," explains Taylor.

Core Values

"Want to feel toned allover? Do a plank for a few minutes before you head out the door," says Walsh. "You'll feel energized and will hold your body to stand stronger and taller."


"Treat lackluster skin in a flash by using a gentle exfoliating wash when you wake up in the morning," says Vela. "Look for ones with plant-based enzymes that work to eliminate debris and toxins while also restoring pH balance and preventing acne."

Bumpy Road

"To eliminate the dreaded cottage cheese effect, opt for a shaper that gives you the most coverage on your thighs, hips, and rear," Blakely says. "If you are looking for extra thigh-slimming power, choose a shaper that hits below the hips as opposed to a boy short style because it offers more compression."

Deathly Salllows

"We all get a little sallow from time to time," explains Nemes. "To brighten and balance out your skin, start off your morning beauty routine with a moisturizer or serum that has pink light-reflecting particles in it. The pink cancels out yellow undertones."


The least expensive way to try the nude lip trend? "Tap a bit of concealer or foundation on you pout for a quick nude lip," suggests Turnbow.

Tawn Stars

Want to invest in one do-all makeup product? "Taupe lip- and eye liners can be used to add definition to the eyes, lips, and brows," explains Turnbow.

BB Guns

"Join the latest Asian skin-care craze and invest in a good BB cream," recommends Vela. "It's essentially makeup with regenerating properties, and they work to provide coverage for dark spots and blemishes while improving skin functioning and evening out discoloration."

Blushing Beauty

"To give a lift to your face, apply blush higher on the cheekbones, instead of on the apples," adds Taylor. "This draws attention up to the eye, as opposed to the neck- and jawline."

Saddlebag Savoir

Feeling hippy in your jeggings? "Try a resistance band step touch," claims Walsh. "Loop a resistance band around your ankles and stretch the band to the side in a step-touch motion. Continue doing this on both sides and maintain this activity for five minutes. Putting on your favorite music helps, and your hip and saddlebag areas will appear tighter and smoother instantly."

Skin-ny Stems

Calling all petites! "If you’ve got shorter legs, wear skin-toned shoes," advises Kilgore. "They don’t cut your legs off at the ankle, which gives you another couple of inches, visually."

Wet Your Appetite

Get the most out of your products by using them like makeup artists. "I like to wet eyeshadow to get more exact lines around the eyes," notes Turnbow.

The Lemon Law

To block blackheads, exfoliate your mug around twice a week, depending on your skin type. "You can pump up your wash by squirting a little lemon juice into your favorite scrub to boost its natural brightening power and exfoliating action," says Kilgore. "Lemon juice contains citric acid which dissolves the glue that keeps dead cells stuck to your skin."

Fridge Finds

"I like to keep masques in the refrigerator as a quick de-puffing treatment for the eyes," adds Lang. "The botanical extracts naturally calm skin, and the extra cooling sensation feels luxurious!" 

Smoke Damage

"Anytime you're doing something with dramatic eye makeup that involves darker shadows, focus on your eye look first," advises Taylor. "This saves you clean-up time as well as prevents the likelihood of ending up with raccoon eyes."

Oil Spill

"If your skin is on the oilier side, be sure to use an oil-free moisturizer and slather the shiniest parts of your face—usually the T-zone area—with a mattifying primer and powder," explains Taylor.

Brow Beats

"After you apply mascara, wipe the wand and brush your eyebrows," says Turnbow. "This trick will add a touch of pigment while ensuring that all hairs will stay in place."

Legs for Miles

"If you don’t already do pilates, mix together moisturizer, liquid body bronzer, and liquid illuminator," says Nemes. "Then, apply the concoction all over your legs from the thigh down to your toe cleavage. This blend will improve skin texture, smooth out imperfections, and attract light to the legs."

Tea Time

"Take two minutes every day and enjoy a cup of hot green tea," Vela suggests. "Research shows that green tea extract is naturally rich in antioxidants, which helps protect the body from free radicals and prevent a number of major diseases."

Gloss-ip Girls

"To avoid lips looking wet or overly glossy, apply lip gloss to the center of your pout and work your way out from there," Taylor says.

Eye Spies

“When applying under-eye concealer, focus on the deepest blue tones beneath your sockets," advises Dubroff. "If you have puffy eyes, apply concealer under the half-moon area and blend down, not up. If you put apply makeup to the puffiest part, it’ll just make that section stand out."

Head Games

"You can wear headbands in any number of ways, but always back-comb your crown with a narrow-tooth comb to add glam volume," notes Banowetz. "This will elongate the line of your head and balance out bigger facial features."

Nailing It

"To maintain manicured nails longer, use cuticle oil daily," suggests Maxwell. "Polish is more likely to chip the drier nail beds get."

Ponytail Power

"To keep your ponytail super sleek, spray extra-hold hairspray on a clean mascara wand and run it over your hairline to pick up loose frizzies," suggests Townsend.

Going in Circles

"Instead of using a concealer that is one shade lighter than your under-eye, use a color corrector to brighten dark circles," Taylor explains.

Blue's Clues

"Using a navy eyeliner will make your eyes appear brighter and bigger," Taylor notes.

Cabinet Culture

"Save time by streamlining your skin-care regimen and arranging your medicine cabinet more strategically," Vela advises. "Keep your cleaner, toner, moisturizer, and other products in the order that you use them, so you don't have to think about it in the morning."

Fabulous Falsies

"When using false eyelashes, prep lash glue by squeezing a small amount onto a clean surface and allowing it to become tacky before you apply it to your lash line," Taylor warns. "This makes it much easier and quicker to apply the lashes without making a mistake."

Beautiful Baubles

"For a glamorous look on the go, dress up your ponytail with a glittery pin or barrette," adds Townsend. "I especially love crystal headbands or pieces of colored satin from the ribbon store."
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Toning Tonic

"I drink my complexion tonic before going to bed every night," adds Walsh. "It's one-half ounce of extra virgin olive oil mixed with the juice from half of a lemon. Thanks to the antioxidants and good-for-you oils, it nourishes skin and hair, prevents bloating, and promotes regular elimination."

Pout Protector

"To get a good, clean lip look, take a brush with a dab of concealer on it, and use it to clean up the outer edges of the mouth after you've applied color," says Taylor. "This will also make your lips look slightly fuller."
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Wet n' Wild

Stuck with greasy strands? Embrace the wet look. To execute: "Lightly mist hair with a water spray, use a medium-control mousse and scrunch copious amounts of the product into hair so it looks wet," advises Guido. "Then push your hair into waves around your face or tuck it back into a bun. If you opt for the latter, use your fingers to comb the base and add texture."

Planner Points

"In order to make your monthly facial appointment a no-brainer, set up reminders in your print or digital calendars to schedule your next session," advises Vela. "Regular facials refine your complexion and reduce the need to hide skin problems with extra makeup."

Fish Tails

The season's easiest mane solution? "Try a fishtail braid," says Banowetz. "It's a little unconventional, but easy to execute. Wear it on the side for extra glamour."