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Do you deserve a raise? Do you see other women as a resource? Do you have a mentor? What's your biggest roadblock to success? These are questions that you should be asking yourself.

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Marie Claire's very own Special Projects and Features editor Lea Goldman joined the "Citi Talks: Take Control of Your Career" Google + Hangout to tackle some of the most common questions from women about the obstacles they face in the professional world. Answering questions from almost 1,000 professional women from the Citi/LinkedIn Today's Professional Women's Report, Lea, as well as Lean In's communications director, Andrea Saul, Stiletto Network author Pamela Ryckman; and LinkedIn career expert Nicole Williams, spoke about asking for more, expanding your network, and what to do about fear in the workplace.

Check out the must watch Google + Hangout with Lea (it's well worth it):

Want to hang up some of these points at your desk? Go to to print out the 5 most crucial takeaways from Lea's conversation.

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