5 New Year's Resolutions to Build My Confidence

If you've been reading about my misadventures for a while, you know that I'm not good at honoring my New Year's resolutions. I've decided that my past resolutions are too tactical. For example, I pledge to approach more women, to be more fearless, to embrace rejection, etc.

But this state of mind requires confidence, which needs to be built. So, my resolutions this year are based on improving myself personally, which will lead to more confidence, which will lead to me approaching more women when I'm out...in theory.

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If I've built my confidence from the ground up, I approach a girl with true confidence, instead of faking it. And, with more of my life in order, perhaps I'll be on a more mature level, able to date healthily.

Here are the resolutions I made for 2010 that I hope will build my confidence:

Do Something Productive Every Day

This can be something very small. Even if I play guitar for 10 minutes to stay sharp, it will suffice. Of course there can be full productive days where I'm fixing things, cleaning up, and improving myself instead of just lying there and watching TV, sinking further and further into the couch. It's strange that I get depressed when I don't do things, yet I fall into inescapable cycles of laziness.

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Yes, I'm going to do the cliche diet adjustment this year. I'd like to work with a nutritionist and get their opinions on my eating habits, learn what I need to do to eat better, and then hit the beach sans beer gut...hopefully.

Eliminate Clutter from My Apartment

I recently packed up my old apartment and realized I have way too much of everything. But this isn't like a prince who might have five Ferraris in his garage. No, I'm more like a old hermit with many trinkets and useless items sitting around the house. I am going to work on throwing things away. For some reason, I am afraid to throw away boxes that go with expensive items like computers, or I have emotional attachment to something because a family member gave it to me.

I have a stack of 15 plates in my cabinet but I've never used more than 3 before washing them. Getting rid of the clutter in my apartment will be a huge psychological lift. I'll feel lighter, cleaner and probably even clear-minded. And I won't worry about bringing women back to my apartment when it's clean, and looking good.

Do Little Things to Make Me Happy

The three things above will all make me happier every day. But there are little things: taking more walks, seeing friends and family, reading, listening to more music, etc., that will keep me upbeat and stave off emotional lows.

Set Goals and Succeed

The life of an ADD-afflicted person like me is full of unfinished projects. I'd like to accomplish more goals, big and small. If I'm goal oriented and really try to finish off these projects, I won't feel like a failure.

What are your thoughts on my philosophy and resolutions, and what dating-related resolutions did you make this year?

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