Nicole Catanese

10 Hairstyles You Can Do in Literally 10 Seconds

Welcome to your week of really great hair days 💁.

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The Easy Way to Create Bohemian Waves

The '70s are back, y'all.

How to Get the Perfect Blowout in Just 5 Minutes

Because you have enough to do. You shouldn't have to worry about your hair, too.

20 Ponytail Hairstyles You Have to Try
Take a cue from these celeb red carpet moments to upgrade your ponytail from gym staple to style essential.
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The Messy Top Knot Is Dead—Here's What to Wear Instead

And no, this is knot your average low bun.

12 Ways You're Applying Your Hair Products Wrong

These simple tricks will change you hair game forever.

Hairstyles for Work That Take Under 60 Seconds

And here's how to do 'em. You're welcome!

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Healthy Hair Report

Limp locks? Slow growth? Damaged goods? No matter what ails your precious strands, we've got a fix for you.

What's Your Perfect Workout?
Take your pick of these monthlong plans that help you tone up, trim down, and strengthen all around