Colleen Oakley

Why I Cheated on My Husband

Five women share what led them to stray.

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the marie claire wedding survival guide
Brides on the Run
Weddings get called off all the timebut now it's women doing the dumping.
Single Sex
Does Hooking Up Hurt You?
You Bet.
fully dressed man and woman lying in bed together
We Swore Off Sex for a Month
Giving up sex for 30 days was anything but funny.
woman at computer
Becoming that Girl
Was my blow-job technique subpar?
He Dated as His Wife Was Dying
Ray Klunn's Love Life.
Fixing My Heart
True story.
rapper eve
At a Tattoo Parlor with Eve
MC talks to the rapper at a favorite haunt.
Chris O'Donnell
Interview with Chris O'Donnell
From It-hood to burnout.
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Two Minute Date: James Marsden
James Marsden, from super-cool to Corny Collins
jason lewis
Two-Minute Date: Jason Lewis
A quick chat with the recovering sex symbol.
jason lewis
Two-Minute Date: Jason Lewis
A quick chat with the recovering sex symbol.
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Q&A: Bridget Kinsella
Bridget Kinsella, on her memoir, Visiting Life
scene from terms of endearment
In honor of Mother's Day...
Top 5 movies that will make your relationship with your mother seem almost normal
AUTHOR Q&A: Lucy Kaylin
The Perfect Stranger
Television: What to Watch
A cup of tea with Katty Kay, the anchor who's gaining on the big three.
Author Q&A: S.E. Hinton
Teen oracle S.E. Hinton has a book out for grown-ups
Interview with Gabrielle Union
Talking With Gabrielle Union
Star talk
Grey's Anatomy
Interview with Shonda Rhimes
Five questions for the Grey's Anatomy creator.
people standing an airport with a plane outside the window
I Was the One That Had to Move
Long distance couple.
borat giving the thumbs up
Borat on Beauty
His tips and tricks