Ray Kluun Played the Field While His Wife Was Dying, Then Wrote a Novel About It

Love Life book
(Image credit: J. Muckle)

Infidelity is one thing. Sleeping around when your spouse has two years to live is another. Just ask Ray Kluun, a Dutch marketing strategist-cum-novelist who did just that while his wife, Judith, was dying of breast cancer in 2001. His novelized account, Love Life, is already a 600,000-copies-strong best-seller in Holland. It comes out here this month. The book is a raw, honest look at the darker corners of the human heart, but also, Kluun would argue, "a controversial 21st-century fairy tale."

MC: You call this a love story, but over the course of the book, the main character — based on you — repeatedly cheats on his wife. Explain?

RK: I loved my wife very much, and, on one hand, I was the ideal partner. I quit my job, went to all the chemotherapies, did everything I could to be there. Psychologists say when people give all their love and energy to a partner with cancer, they escape into a weakness they already have. So workaholics will work 80 hours a week, others will use alcohol or drugs. What I used to think of as an innocent thing — having sex with someone else once a year or so — became an obsession.

MC: Cheating is a little more serious than getting drunk...

RK: I'm not trying to excuse my actions, but people sometimes do strange things when they're under pressure.

MC: Do you have any regrets?

RK: No. I told my first wife everything in our last weeks together. She understood, and I was able to be there for her. I'm very thankful for the honesty and love that we shared.

MC: You're now married to one of your former flings. How's that working out?

RK: We're more realistic and very open about our feelings. I've learned that you shouldn't hide your deepest feelings from your partner.

MC: Your book is a best-seller in the Netherlands, where people are generally open-minded. Are you worried about the reaction it will get in the U.S.?

RK: Cities like New York and L.A. aren't that different from here. But I'm not sure the book will be very popular in Alabama.

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