This Woman's Self-Tanner Fail Left Her Foot Orange

The photo is everything.

Self-tanners get a bad rap—probably because the first (and maybe last) time you slathered one on, you were left with splotchy orange streaks that took a week to fade. And though there’s definitely a proper way to apply self-tanner without looking like a Cheeto, one poor woman on Instagram missed the memo and accidentally turned her entire foot orange-brown. Yes, this is the tanning fail of your nightmares.

The Details

As first reported by Allure, the accident was documented by Jules Von Hep, founder of Isle of Paradise Self Tanner, who posted a photo of the situation to his Instagram this week. Apparently, a customer accidentally wore a sock that she had previously used to apply her self-tanner, resulting in one incredibly “tan” foot and a very pale ankle.

"I was using a sock as a temp tanning mitt and forgot and put that one on at 5am to go to the gym," the customer wrote across the photo, which also featured a giant “FUCK SAKE” written on top of the foot. “Lucky I have your tan eraser 😂😂😂” she added.

The woman sent the photo to Von Hep as a private message, but he posted it to Instagram quickly after (presumably with permission, first). “Probably one of the best DMs I’ve ever received,” wrote Von Hep in the photo’s caption. “And yes, our Over It Tan Eraser is the nuts.”


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The tan eraser spray contains a dose of glycolic acid to dissolve the tanning pigments, along with moisturizing coconut and avocado oils to counteract any irritation. Though if you’re using Isle of Paradise products, you probably won’t be faced with too many mistakes, since they’re pretty goof-proof (seriously—I’ve raved about the self-tanning drops in the past, since they look so freaking natural, with zero streaks).

Still, mistakes do happen, and if you end up wearing some tanner-soaked socks to the gym, you can always use the tan eraser to get rid of the evidence on your skin. Though I can’t say the same about the inside of your shoes.