The 18 Best Hyaluronic Acid Serums Out There

And yes, you need one in your skincare arsenal.

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If I had to choose one beauty pet peeve, it would be dry skin. For me, dryness manifests in flaking between my eyebrows (not cute), a total lack of glow (even less cute), and my skin looking dull and unhealthy (the opposite of cute). Normally, my moisturizer keeps my skin hydrated enough to keep these concerns at bay. But sometimes, even my favorite moisturizers can't banish my dry skin woes. That's where hyaluronic acid, also known as the ultimate skin hydrator, comes in.

What does hyaluronic acid do?

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Hyaluronic acid helps your skin retain its moisture, which it can't do when the elements are dehydrating—during the colder months, for example. The benefits of hyaluronic acid go beyond hydration, too: Skin naturally loses moisture as we get older, too, so introducing an ingredient like hyaluronic acid can also plump the skin, reducing fine lines and sagging.

Does hyaluronic acid serum really work?

Yes—the quickest and most effective way to gift your skin hyaluronic acid is in serum form. But there are a ton of different hyaluronic acid serums out there, as you probably know. So you're looking for the right one for you, I hand-picked my favorites that target different issues—all while still giving your skin a dose of moisture.

Tatjana Freund

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