Power Pick: This Drugstore Lipstick Makes Me Feel Powerful

Plus it doesn't smudge.

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It's no secret that we've been in a lipstick deficit of late. With masks covering up the lower halves of our faces, it doesn't make much sense to spend time in the morning carefully applying a product that's just going to smudge in 10 seconds—and give us mascne. I'm not complaining—I've really gotten used to wearing a mask, and the fact that I'm keeping myself and others healthy while doing it. But I'll admit, after donning the same sweatpants for days and being too lazy to brush my hair, sometimes I need a pick-me-up. That said, lipstick is my quick fix. Not feeling super cute? Throw on a lipstick. Forgot to apply deodorant? Maybe my lipstick will distract anyone I encounter. Can't be bothered to coat your lashes with mascara? Lipstick. Basically, any problem I have is made at least marginally better by wearing lipstick. So it's been hard to not have my safety blanket the last few months, during times where I really, really need to comforted and feel more like myself.

For like-minded people, liquid lipsticks have moved into center stage due to their staying power under masks. But while there are a few long-lasting liquid lipsticks that I like, if I'm being honest, most liquid lipsticks just aren't it for me. I have a phobia of dry lips, which is exactly what many liquid lipsticks feel like. Plus, even though they last all day around the perimeter of my lips, after a few sips of coffee I tend to notice some flakes in the center of my mouth that just aren't cute. But then—hallelujah!—I found the lipstick I've been waiting for my whole life.

A quick explainer: This Maybelline lipstick is a liquid lipstick, in the sense that's not in a bullet and the formula dries down once applied. But the part of this product that has captured my heart is that it's double-sided. While one side delivers intense and long-lasting color, the other side is a balm which, after the lipstick dries down, you apply on top. Think of it like a topcoat for a manicure–the color is nice and all, but it's the topcoat that makes your nails glossy and smooth. Throughout the day, it keeps its color and never, and I mean never budges. If some of the balm comes on your coffee mug, just apply some more. In fact, you can apply the balm as many times as you want during the day–it will never move the underlying color.

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The Bottom Line

With this product in my pocket, I suddenly feel like myself again. I instantly look more chic, more powerful, and like I put some effort into my appearance for the first time in… Well, let's just say a long time.

Tatjana Freund

Tatjana Freund is a Beauty Commerce Writer, covering makeup, skincare, and haircare products and trends. She's a fan of vodka tonics and creepy Wikipedia pages.