The 15 Best Volumizing Hair Products of 2023

Flat hair? Don’t know her.

best volumizing hair products including OUAI, Oribe, and Moroccanoil hair products
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I’m the self-appointed president of the Fine, Flat Hair Club. Having density, grit, or a body-filled blowout has long remained a mystery to my natural texture; and when left to its own devices, my strands resemble Flat Stanley (read: limp and lifeless). That in mind, I’ve spent the greater part of my life searching for the best volumizing hair products in existence. I’ve created concoctions and brainstormed combinations of styling products to give me a lift at the root. I’ve used mousses pre-blowout, dry texturizers post-blowout, and carried pocket-size dry shampoos with me in case of emergency. 

It’s been a journey (to say the least), but in the end I’ve been able to find the best volumizing hair products that actually deliver on their promises—and leave hair in a healthy state. I’m a believer that sharing is caring, so I’m rounding up my all-time favorites for your shopping pleasure. From Bumble & Bumble’s thickening line that creates a denser texture in a wash to ColorWow’s surprisingly lightweight and wildly volumizing mousse, keep scrolling for the best of the best. 

What to Look For

  • Product Type

Plug “volumizing hair product” into Google, and you’ll be met with dozens of search results spanning hair thickening shampoos, conditioners, and styling products. Here’s the thing: One particular type of product isn’t going to unanimously deliver better results. “They work as a team. Like most things that work in tandem, you want to use them together in their respective orders,” explains Blake Novick, Bumble and Bumble NYC Flagship Stylist. “The shampoos and conditioner pave the road for styling products to drive on.”

  • Ingredients 

When it comes to ingredients, you’re going to want to pay attention to two things: What’s going to volumize your hair and what’s going to dry out your hair. “Volumizing products work in a number of ways. Some will use ingredients like hydrolyzed wheat protein or emblica, which have been known to swell hair strands to create an appearance of volume and density,” explains Novick. On the other end of the spectrum, you’ll find alcohols or texturizing fibers. They’re not inherently bad per se, but they might not be ideal for your specific hair type. “These create resistance between the strands, which can ultimately be drying or damaging over time. Those who have chemically processed hair, or curls that easily tangle might want to bear that in mind and make sure to use moisture on their ends when possible.” 

  • Texture 

In the styling product realm, you’ll normally find three distinct textures: A powder, a spray, or a mousse. The best option for you is largely personal preference. “You could put the same formula in two different cans that have slightly different disbursement methods and still get the same effect. Basically, it all boils down to the ingredients and what they do. Do they create friction and thus give the illusion of density when the strands fight each other for space? Does it swell the hair shaft to give the look and feel of more density?” says Novick. 

The Best Volumizing Hair Products

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