The 12 Best Blow Dryers, According to Editors and Hair Experts

From TikTok-famous blow dryers to classics from Dyson and Drybar.

some of the Best Blow Dryers of 2023 including Dyson and Drybar
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In a perfect world, we'd all indulge in a blowout from a pro on a daily basis. But who has the time (or budget) for that? Fortunately, there are salon-quality blow dryers that will provide a similar look from the comfort of your own bathroom—and I’ve scoured the internet to find the best blow dryer for you at any price point. From the most sought-after luxury blow dryers to the high-performance, budget-friendly options, our curated list is here to address every texture and hair care need.

I also spoke to celebrity stylists about the dryers—and tips!—that make styling a breeze. Because even with the launch of hair dryer brushes and the resurgence of Velcro and hot rollers, figuring out how to master a blowout was, for years, little more than an elusive pipe dream. I would simply load up my hair with heat-protectant products and rough-dry away, leaving me with frizz and flyaways.

How We Chose Blow Dryers

The blow dryers on this list have been tested, reviewed, and selected by Marie Claire's Commerce Editor, Julia Marzovilla (a.k.a. yours truly), Beauty Editor Samantha Holender, Beauty Director Deena Campbell, our team of expert editors, and celebrity hair stylists who use them on a daily basis.  While the *best* blow dryer for you will vary based on your hair type and desired result, you can't go wrong with one of the items on this list. For a more personalized recommendation, or if you have any concerns, check with your hair stylist.

What To Look For

The blow dryers on this list aren’t the same ones your mom or grandma used. Modern dryers come with tons of promises these days, from shorter dry times to higher-shine finishes, while others promise to be virtually silent. Regardless of your hair type and texture, there are a few key features to look out for.

  • High Wattage: "Wattage corresponds to the amount of power in your blow dryer," says New York City-based stylist Alexandra Efstratiou. "Ideally, your hair dryer should have 1600 watts, at least. I think high wattage is absolutely critical—I personally hate the type of dryer that gets super hot but doesn’t have a strong wind flow. Both are important but air pressure is a non-negotiable in having a quick, smooth blow dry."
  • Type of Dryer: There are three common types of hair dryers that you’ll see on the market right now—ceramic, tourmaline, and titanium ionic—and they’re all great for different reasons. Ceramic hair dryers “allow for a frizz-free blowout” says stylist Venner James, who has worked with Megan Thee Stallion and Nathalie Emmanuel. James says that ceramic dryers are better for thick or coarse hair because it can be “smoothed out with ease without changing the integrity of the hair” and “dries hair fast without causing damage.” These machines also have the technology to set a style using the cool shot feature. Meanwhile, tourmaline dryers use negative ions to emit heat, making them gentler on the hair and providing a shinier finish. Titanium ionic dryers maintain an even temperature and provide an even dry that takes less time.
  • Adjustable Heat Settings: Three heat settings—low, medium, and high— are generally the standard for dryers in 2023. Having several allows you to customize your experience as you go. High heat settings are great for rough drying and can shorten your drying time.
  • Several Speed Settings: Just like with heat settings, having several speed settings allows you to get the most out of your blow dryer. Dryers will most commonly have three speed settings: low, medium, and high.
  • A Cold Shot Function: If you're like me, you never really considered the cool shot button your dryer. But, they're actually incredibly important when it comes to setting your style. "Think about it like taking your clothes out of the dryer: if they sit in there until they cool off all the way they will be extremely wrinkly," says Efstratiou. "If you take them out and fold or hang them while they’re still hot, they’ll take the shape of whatever position you put them in. Hair is a fabric in a way, and it follows those same principles. I always use a cool shot over the entire head of hair after finishing the style whether it be sleek and straight or curly and bouncy. It just gives the hair the opportunity to lock in the desired outcome before destructive elements like humidity, wind, and even it bending and resting on your own shoulders changes the look." 
  • Attachments: Attachments like diffusers and concentrators are the key to achieving a versatile array of styles at home. The former is usually used with curly and wavy hair types to maintain your original curl texture by—as the name might suggest—diffusing the hot air throughout a larger area. Concentrators, on the other hand, are great for sleeker, straighter styles.

Deals on Blow Dryers

Ga.Ma Italy Professional IQ Perfetto, Rose Gold,

Ga.Ma Italy Professional IQ Perfetto, Rose Gold, $400 $320 at Ulta

Style Editor Emma Childs loves this blow dryer from Ga.Ma Italy Professional because "it's the lightest hairdryer on the market at only 0.65 lbs" and iss designed to dry your hair 30% faster. Shop it now for $80 off. 

INFINITIPRO BY CONAIR Hair Dryer with Diffuser, $47

INFINITIPRO BY CONAIR Hair Dryer with Diffuser, $47 $30 at Amazon 

If you want to spend less than $50 on a dryer, try this best-selling option from INFINITIPRO BY CONAIR. As one Amazon reviewer put it: "This dryer is really powerful for being 1/2 the size of a regular blow dryer. My hair is nice and smooth after. I have thick wavy hair and like to use the blow dryer to straighten. This dryer worked great. It’s not as light as I expected but it is much lighter than a full size. I like that it’s small with all the power of a full size." 

The Best Blow Dryers