It's Easy to Fall in Love With These 17 Wedding Day Perfumes

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By the time your wedding arrives, you've likely made some big decisions. You know who you want to spend the rest of your life with. (That's major!) But have you considered what you want to smell like in those oh-so-special moments? And, will it be a long-lasting fragrance? Finding the best wedding day perfume may sound like a frivolous pursuit, but it isn't; fragrance sets the scene for a magical day in many ways.

Honorine Blanc, a dsm-firmenich Master Perfumer, is constantly inspired by a fragrance's ability to trigger emotions. "It's a cloud around you that you create," she shares. "Depending on the occasion, the fragrance will enhance the mood and emotion, or a feeling you want to be in."

While some set "floral" or "pretty bottle" standards for their wedding day perfumes, Blanc says there are no rules to selecting a special occasion fragrance. Citrus scents make some feel fresh and sexy, while others like gourmand or woody smells.

"It’s all about what you want to experience," she adds. "Fragrance is really your second personality—the most you. When you wear a fragrance, it’s showing someone a piece of yourself." Perfumer Jérôme Epinette (he's the genius behind Victoria Beckham Beauty's ultra-romantic scents) agrees, adding that it doesn't hurt to pick something your partner will appreciate. However, let's be honest: they're already completely in love with you, too.

"For a night all about the celebration of two, it would be wise to select something your partner will respond positively to!" he shares. "After that, being the star of the event, choose something memorable and signature with beautiful sillage and long-lastingness to take you late into the night. Wedding guests will remember your presence and the event by your perfume."

Ahead, fragrance specialists and a celebrity wedding planner share what fragrance means to them romantically. You'll also discover the best wedding day perfumes—and how to wear them.

What to Look For in a Wedding Day Perfume

  • Style: Ideally full of lightness and joy, your wedding day isn't the time for a dark, moody, overtly sexy fragrance (unless that's your style, in which case it's the perfect time)Instead, Blanc recommends a scent that feels luminous, colorful, and softly sensual. Your choice should soothe you and make you happy.
  • Notes: Although there are no real rules for selecting a wedding day fragrance, we can offer suggestions. "I see romance as profound intimacy, optimism, and joy. Creating a fragrance to deliver on those emotions means using notes that cue an uplifting spirit, but also those with sensuality," shares Epinette. "For me, this means using both musky, skin-like notes and touches of powerful, deep, long-lasting florals or opulent, creamy woods that capture the intensity of love. In a more traditional sense, romance in perfumes can also be expressed using more delicate florals that offer that more caring, loving aspect." Fragrance specialist Eudora Nwasike also has a list of favorite wedding-esque notes for your perusing pleasure. Rose, tuberose, amber, sandalwood, iris, orange blossom, vanilla, heliotrope, peony, jasmine, and gardenia all make the fragrance expert's cut. "Sometimes, when words fail to encapsulate the magnitude of love I have for someone, a fragrance does the talking for me," the expert shares. "It is the most beautiful way to express your feelings and show admiration towards someone you care about."

NEW YORK - MARCH 24: Actress Marilyn Monroe gets ready to go see the play "Cat On A Hot Tin Roof" playfully applying her make up and Chanel No. 5 Perfume on March 24, 1955 at the Ambassador Hotel in New York City, New York. (Photo by Ed Feingersh/Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images)

Marilyn Monroe enjoyed spraying Chanel No.5 for special events. Here, in 1955, she is getting ready to go to the theater.

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  • Season: It can be beneficial to suit your wedding fragrance to the overall environment of the event—the season it's taking place should be factored in. Nwasike says to opt for "soft and airy" scents for spring—something fresh, floral, or fruity, perhaps? Autumn and winter weddings pair well with spicy, woody, and/or amber-y fragrances.
  • Simplicity: Wearing a fragrance you're not used to can help you discover hidden facets of your personality, but you want to debut something you're fairly familiar with while walking down the aisle. The simple reason: what if you end up hating it? "I wouldn’t wear something totally new for my wedding because you want everything to be happy," shares Blanc. Unless you feel like trying out the fragrance beforehand, save a blind application for a first date.
  • Layering: With that being said, a wedding is a great time to stray a bit from your day-to-day fragrance. You want the scent memory to be specific to this day, right? "If you tend to wear light fragrances, I recommend experimenting with layering a more unique and distinctive scent onto your standard base," shares wedding planner extraordinaire Colin Cowie, who was responsible for J.Lo and Ben Affleck's nuptials. "Perhaps it’s a note that evokes something about the area or venue (perhaps it’s lavender in the South of France), or even a particular bloom in your bouquet (perhaps a gardenia). Of course, layering fragrances can get tricky and complex, so allow time to experiment or call upon experts who can help you formulate a custom scent."

The Best Wedding Day Perfumes

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How to Apply Your Wedding Day Fragrance

While knowing the basics of perfume application is important (pulse points and no rubbing!), Blanc's wedding day application instructions are much more intimate.

"I would be by myself in my room. I would close the door. And before wearing my wedding dress I would spray it straight on my skin," shares the master perfumer.

Throughout the day, turn to your fragrance when you need to feel centered. Perhaps before walking down the aisle?

"The fragrance will be the thing you wear that will be the closest to you," she adds. "Wear something that will make you feel good, happy, in love. And on the day of the wedding, wear the fragrance for you and not others. It’s about you that day."

Meet the Experts

Honorine Blanc
Honorine Blanc

Master Perfumer Honorine Blanc combines an undeniable personal strength with the sensibility of a true artistic spirit. She does not smell her fragrances, she feels them. Born in Beirut, she spent her earliest years there; where her character was molded by its dynamic, refined culture. She went on to study in Paris where she first entered the world of perfumery. An offer to be taken under the wing of Master Perfumer Sophia Grojsman brought Honorine to New-York and she never left. But when it comes to her work Honorine herself is a perfectionist. Honorine particularly loves creating without the boundaries of a project, thriving on the chance to take risks and make a new statement.

Eudora Nwasike
Eudora Nwasike

Eudora is a fragrance specialist by the Fragrance Foundation UK, published journalist, and magazine contributor promoting and demystifying the art of fragrance across various audiences.

Jerome Epinette
Jérôme Epinette

Jérôme Epinette is a renowned French perfumer, known for his work with several high-profile fragrance houses such as Byredo, Atelier Cologne, Frapin, and Olfactive Studio, among others. After earning a Master's degree in Biochemistry from Burgundy University in Dijon, France, Epinette attended the Grasse Institute of Perfumery in Grasse, where he honed his skills in the art of fragrance creation. He is best known for his collaboration with Olivia Giacobetti and Ben Gorham in creating the successful Byredo line, where he personally designed most of the fragrances. He lives and works in New York City.

Colin Cowie Headshot
Colin Cowie

Colin Cowie designs, plans and creates luxurious weddings and events for clients. He is a wedding planner that New York trusts with their most exclusive affairs, offering comprehensive planning and coordination services worldwide. Cowie also offers tips and advice to help brides feel and look special on their big day.