18 Best Perfumes of 2024 That Put a Spin on the Classics

Armani and Aerin both gave their best sellers a citrus twist.

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Picking a perfume always has been, and always will be, highly personal. Maybe you love fragrance for its ability to trigger a memory or evoke a season. Maybe you’ve been wearing the same signature scent for well over a decade. Or maybe you firmly believe that knowing how to layer perfume is the key to smelling good. Whatever the case, the best perfumes of 2024 will add a welcome new scent profile to your collection.

This year's best new fragrances releases cover every scent family, with Future Society dropping gorgeous florals, Hermès creating a modern spin on a classic oud, and By Kilian launching a smoky, tobacco-hinted blend appropriately called Born to Be Unforgettable. There are the best citrus perfumes and the best light perfumes for summer, too. Still, the notes getting the most attention are those falling into the citrus category. Everyone from Aerin and Armani to Perfums de Marly put a nuanced spin on mandarin, lemon, and grapefruit. These are slightly warmer than the citrus blends that preceded them, ensuring that they side-swipe the unwanted chemical-tinged undertone.

Marie Claire editors have tested every new fragrance launch since the start of 2024. To help you decide which new scent deserves a spot in your collection, our editors share their favorite 2024 perfume launches ahead.

The Best 2024 Perfumes

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What to Look For

Single Notes

Darryl Do, of Delbia Do Fragrances and Flavors, says 2024 fragrance trends include an increase in single-note fragrance call-outs. “We’re seeing notes well-beyond the usual floral themes such as rose, jasmin, and lavender, with brands expanding to highlight notes like pistachio,” he notes. Perhaps one of the most thoughtful single-note innovations we’ve seen this year comes from Future Society, which has bio-engineered extinct floral notes.

Fragrance Family

There’s no “right” or “wrong” fragrance family to choose. But, if you’re looking for a little guidance, try an option that’s either gourmand (read: sweet) or citrusy. These two categories are poised to be the most popular this calendar year, according to Do. Vanilla perfumes are continuing to have a huge cut of fragrance's real estate, while refreshing, light combinations continue to gain popularity. The third group to watch out for: smoky, tobacco-tinged, spicy scents.

Meet the Expert

Darryl Do

Darryl was born and raised in New York City and is a professional perfumer working for his family-owned business, Delbia Do Fragrances. Delbia Do was established in 1968 as a fragrance and flavor creator located in the Bronx. He specializes in creating fragrances for niche brands and manufactures perfumes for many global brands as well. He speaks globally on cosmetics regulatory and USDA Organic compliance. Darryl has taught martial arts, Kenpo karate in NYC and perfumery at FIT and Kent State. He is a member of the American Society of Perfumers, WFFC, Cosmetic IndustryBuyers & Suppliers, Fashion Group International.

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