Beauty Around the Clock: Daniela Botero

The model, actress, influencer, entrepreneur and mom reveals how she maintains that Miami glow.

Daniela Botero
(Image credit: Daniela Botero)

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Daniela Botero is a self-proclaimed superwoman, and we don’t disagree. You probably recognize her from J Balvin's “Bobo” music video—one of a dozen acting credits to her name—or maybe Instagram or the covers of magazines. She’s got two more big projects in the works—a movie filming in Mexico and a TV show for a major streaming platform. Oh, and there's also the organic skincare line she's on the verge of launching, called Identity Beauty. 

"I'm doing this with my business partner, and I have an investor, and of course my fiancé who is in the beauty industry—he's helping develop the products," she says. Botero and said fiancé, BeautyHealth executive chairman Brent Saunders, live in Miami with Botero's 10-year-old daughter, Ilana, who is a dedicated dancer. With days so jam-packed, it's hard to imagine where the Colombia-born supermodel finds time for a full skincare routine, but find it she does. Here, Botero tells us how she keeps up her glow—even, feat of feats, as she appears on Zoom on a Monday morning.

Rise and Shine

I wake up at 7:15. I have breakfast, then I take my daughter to school, and then work out 10 to 11:30. 

Morning Maintenance

I love Mario Badescu facial spray with aloe, so instead of washing my face in the morning, I usually clean my face with this. I use a serum—Even Up from Colorescience, then I use [the brand’s] SPF. 

Daniela Botero

(Image credit: Daniela Botero)

Power Start

I'm sometimes super healthy and have overnight oats with berries. I sometimes do a fast for 16 hours, like two or three per week. I feel like fasting makes my skin look better, and cleanses my body, so sometimes I wake up super hungry, like today, and I have two boiled eggs with avocado and Ezekiel bread. 

Signature Look

I apply a little blush and concealer if I have dark circles. I'm using the Rare Beauty one from Selena [Gomez]. 

When I go out at night, I really do my makeup. [For a full look] I love the Dior Forever Skin Glow foundation. Then I use Better Than Sex mascara. I also love Charlotte [Tilbury] or Tom Ford, the brown palette with golds, and eyeliner on top.

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Daily Playlist

I'm Colombian, so I really like my Latin music, I like my reggaeton, but I actually like every kind [of music]. I like Fleetwood Mac, Bob Marley, The Killers, Frank Sinatra, Andrea Boccelli, Gypsy Kings. I love music. It depends on my day and my mood. If I'm for example in Colombia, in Cartagena, or I'm here and I'm working out, I maybe listen to more reggaeton or something more energetic. I really like Maluma—I think he's great, and good-looking. I like J Balvin as well, but my favorite is probably Maluma.

Fitness Fix

I actually do two hours of exercise, or an hour and a half per day. I have a personal trainer. I combine my routine between pilates and weights.

Self-Care Ritual

I do acupuncture, like once a week, especially on my back when I'm stressed or I have anxiety. I started doing acupuncture four months ago, because I was having a bit of anxiety. I don't know where the anxiety came from, but I woke up and I was stressed. I started doing acupuncture and my life changed. 

I also use these homeopathic oils that you put behind the ears. This brand Saje has a variety of products—one is called Stress Release, and I have the one for hormonal balance and the one for when you have stomach issues. I have [the bundle], and I like to use it for example for my daughter when she can't sleep. You just apply a little bit on the back of your ears and on your wrists, and it helps.

Hair Help

My hair is important for me. I use Julien Farel shampoo with the scalp stimulating [properties] three times per week, four times per week. Then I really like the Kevin.Murphy scalp scrub. I like to use castor oil on the ends, and I also like HydraFacial, they have this new serum for the scalp that is excellent, Keravive—it helps to not lose hair in that area. I also like Nutrafol vitamins for the hair.

Signature Scent

I'm very loyal with my perfumes. I have Miss Dior that I love and I also like Montale Paris, the rose one—it's very strong, but it's really good. 

Beauty Icon

I love Sofia Loren and Monica Bellucci. I really like Italian beauty icons. I love the way they dress. 

Daniela Botero

(Image credit: Daniela Botero)

P.M. Routine

I tend to have melasma, so I use this product that my dermatologist recommended, called Cyspera. It's a prescriptive treatment. Then I wash my face with Sanoflore Aqua Magnifica—you put a little bit on a cotton round and then you clean your skin, it's all floral, super natural. 

The other thing that I really recommend is to take a little cotton, put almond oil on it and put it in your belly button, because it moisturizes your skin—it's a grandmother remedy in South America.

Evening Wind-Down

My daughter goes to bed at 9. She has a very organized schedule— she's a dancer. Then I start my rituals. I get in my pajamas, do my skincare, and then go to bed. 

Lights Out

I'm always in bed at 9:30, except if we have a dinner or something like that. I probably sleep by 10:30 p.m.

This story appears in the May 2022 issue of Marie Claire.

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