These 7 Magical Products and Tools Will Give You the Silkiest Hair of Your *Life*

Be prepared to look like a walking shampoo commercial.

Why is it that every new season brings with it a whole new set of hair hurdles? Just as we were recovering from the offensively sweaty and humid nightmare that was summer, we now get to enter the most "wonderful" time of the year: bone-chilling, hair-destroying winter. Yup, our curls and waves have officially reached peak dry and fuzzy season, and we're not here for any of it.

So, being the diligent, beauty-product stalkers we are, we combed through the massive market of hair tools and products to find the best of the best that A) won't waste your time and B) seriously freaking work. And lucky for you, we found seven of them. Ahead, our favorite formulas and gadgets that'll give you the shiniest, softest, and silkiest hair of all time.

1. This Über-Conditioning Mask

Über-Conditioning Mask

(Image credit: Kristin Ess)

Kristin Ess Reconstructive Moisture Mask, $14


Don’t be fooled by the dainty, millennial pink jar—this mask packs a crazy-moisturizing punch. After shampooing and conditioning, rake a palmful of the coconut oil- and shea butter-loaded formula through your ends to detangle and hydrate dry, damaged, or color-treated hair.

2. This Silk Pillowcase 

Silk Pillowcase

(Image credit: Slip)

Slip Pure Silk Pillowcase, $79


Fact: Even if you go to sleep with smooth-as-hell hair, you’re almost guaranteed to wake up with bedhead, thanks to your cotton and polyester pillowcases that pull, tug, and strip moisture from your hair and skin while you sleep. Instead, opt for a silk pillowcase to cut down on friction, leaving your hair softer and less frizzy in the morning.

3. This Hydrating, No-Flake Gel

Hydrating, No-Flake Gel

(Image credit: Camille Rose Naturals)

Camille Rose Naturals Aloe Whipped Butter Gel, $16


A mix of hydrating aloe vera and split end-protecting macadamia seed oil and almond oil infuses dry curls and waves with hardcore moisture. And, as anyone with curls knows, more moisture = less frizz and breakage. Comb a dollop through damp hair for soft, non-crunchy definition and hold.

4. This Electric Straightening Brush

Electric Straightening Brush

(Image credit: Amika)

Amika Polished Perfection Straightening Brush, $120


It’s a brush! It’s a flat iron! Nope, it’s Amika’s seriously cool hybrid that smooths and lightly straightens hair in a single stroke (or, like, five strokes, if you have coarse or wavy hair), thanks to a whole bunch of ions infused in each bristle.

5. This Magical Hair Oil

Magical Hair Oil

(Image credit: Ouai)

Ouai Hair Oil, $28


Just a few drops of this cult-favorite hair oil immediately smooths dry ends and protects against heat damage, without weighing down super-thin textures. The secret? A blend of super-lightweight ama, argan, and African galanga oils, which can turn even the most staunch oil haters (*raises hand*) into lovers.

6. A Static-Free Towel 

Static-Free Towel

(Image credit: DevaCurl)

Devacurl DevaTowel Anti-Frizz Microfiber Towel, $20


The quickest way to set you hair up for failure is by drying it with a regular ol' towel, since its nubby, rough texture literally encourages the formation of frizz. Which is why we're obsessed with this super-soft hair towel that uses microfiber to soak up water, without messing with your hair texture.

7. This Silkening Shampoo 

Silkening Shampoo

(Image credit: The Seaweed Bath Co.)

The Seaweed Bath Co. Natural Moisturizing Argan Shampoo, $12.99


Unlike some natural shampoos that can leave your hair feeling, uh, like you didn't wash it at all, this green-friendly formula uses seaweed, argan oil, and hyaluronic acid to gently break down grease while keeping it ridiculously soft and smooth. And the cruelty-free ingredients and recycled packaging don't hurt, either.

Ruby Buddemeyer

Ruby was the beauty editor at Cosmopolitan, where she covered beauty across print and digital. Her work has appeared on The Zoe Report, Fashionista, and StyleCaster. Follow her on Instagram.