The 10 Best Bath Bombs That Will Transform Your Tub Into a Blissful Oasis

Because soaking is good for the soul.

I'm an honorary member of the #SeriousBathersClub. I'd bath every single night if I could. Candlelit baths coupled with my favorite slow jams are spiritual experiences for me, and my favorite way to relieve stress. Let's get this straight: long gone are the days when you have to pick between being a bath person or a shower person, when you can easily do both. Plus, it's tough to compare because they're both completely different. Baths are an intentional act of self-care, and bath bombs are a crucial part of the process.

They add a serene element to any bath. You don't have to be a #BathArt stan like me (check the hashtag on Instagram—you won't be able to stop scrolling) to love them. Yes, they're incredibly Instagrammable, but bath bombs can do amazing things to soften and nourish your skin, relieve muscle pain, and shift your body and mind into relaxation mode. So turn on Do Not Disturb, and get your hands on these best bath bombs full of healthy ingredients that'll take your soak from 50 to 100.

To Feel Balanced

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Life Flower CBD Bath Bomb

(Image credit: Urban Outfitters)

Life Flower CBD Bath Bomb, $18


Made with 500mg of pure hemp-derived CBD extract, this bath bomb will bring a strong sense of relaxation. It's supercharged with crystals and essential oils, like lavender and rosemary, that will give you the best sleep of your life.

To Feel Grounded 

Lush Kitsune Bath Bomb

(Image credit: Lush)

Lush Kitsune Bath Bomb, $8


Feeling burnt out and overstimulated from your hectic schedule? The soothing blend of Sicilian red mandarin, patchouli, and cedarwood oil in this bath bomb is meant to wash the day away and cleanse your mental palette. Plus, it turns your bath water into a sunny shade of yellow that feels like spring.

To Feel Super-Moisturized

Rituals Fizzing Bath Bomb

(Image credit: Rituals)

Rituals Fizzing Bath Bomb, $6


Not only will this bath bomb turn your water into dreamy, intergalactic colors it also smells like a fresh garden, and will also give you the softest skin. The vitality-boosting pink grapefruit will refresh the texture and tone of your skin because of its clarifying properties.

To Feel Like Royalty

Lush Royalty Bath Bomb

(Image credit: Lush)

Lush Royalty Bath Bomb, $6


It wouldn't be very Marie Claire of us if we resisted a Royal-themed bath bomb. The brand says it best: "Luxuriate in a bath fit for a queen and leave the tub feeling utterly majestic." Your bath water will literally sparkle thanks to this shimmering fizz, and it doesn't get much better than that.

To Feel Calm

Bath & Body Works Lavender Cedarwood Bath Fizzy

(Image credit: Bath & Body Works)

Bath & Body Works Lavender Cedarwood Bath Fizzy, $7


Unwind the right way with this lavender and cedarwood-infused bath bomb, if you can't seem to transition your body into relaxation mode. You'll be ready to hit the sheets soon after.

To Feel Surprised

Da Bomb Unicorn Bomb

(Image credit: Amazon)

Da Bomb Unicorn Bomb, $8


A bath bomb that dissolves with a little surprise inside sounds enticing, no? Plus, if you're a #BathArt fan, you'll thoroughly enjoy this rainbow sherbet shade.

To Feel Loved

12 Pack Bath Bomb

(Image credit: Amazon)

Lifearound2angels Original 12 Pack Bath Bomb Gift Set, $27


You're looking at the #1 gift set on Amazon with over 4,000 raving reviews. You can get 12 of these little gems for $27, which is a steal. And each bomb is made of thoughtful, all-natural ingredients because founder and mother of two, Ningzi, didn't want to risk harming her children with bath bombs full of chemicals and unhealthy ingredients.

To Feel Soothed

Fresh Sugar Lychee Bath Cubes

(Image credit: Fresh)

Fresh Sugar Lychee Bath Cubes, $39


These cute bath cubes are made of pure brown sugar to gently exfoliate and nourish your skin during a good soak. Drop a few of these in your tub and enjoy how the bubbles and nourishing oils work together to sooth your stressed skin. Bonus: your skin will feel hydrated as soon as you step out of the tub.

To Feel Relaxed

Bonblissity Lavender Luxury Bath Bomb

(Image credit: Bonblissity)

Bonblissity Lavender Luxury Bath Bomb, $8


You'll feel like you're soaking in serenity with this heavenly combination of lavender, amber, and musk made into one bath bomb. It's basically a ball full of R&R. So I'll take 10, please.

To Feel Detoxed

Ulta Detoxifying Epsom Salt

(Image credit: Ulta)

Ulta Detoxifying Epsom Salt Treatment Bath Bomb Citrus Mint, $8


Feeling sore? Treat your muscles to this epsom-salt infused bath bomb, which will relax your body and work on the kinks. The citrus and mint will feel detoxifying, while the coconut oil provides deep hydration to the skin.


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