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The 13 Best Waxing Kits for Silky-Smooth Skin At Home

For as painless an experience—emotionally and physically—as possible.

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Jonathan Storey

By now, many of us have figured out how to dye our own hair to take care of those overgrown roots and play manicurist to achieve a presentable paint job. But you might still be going through withdrawals from your waxing and laser hair removal appointments. It's normal to feel nervous if you've never tried at-home waxing, but trust us—there are plenty of safe and (mostly) painless products and kits for removing unwanted body hair in your own bathroom. With at-home waxing, there are three ways to go: Soft, heatless wax strips that you warm between your hands; wax that's viscous enough at room temperature to spread on; or full-on heated waxes. The best option for you depends on where you're waxing, the thickness and texture of your hair, and the level of smoothness you're after.

Whether you're looking to give your eyebrows a quick shape-up or go all in with a full-body hair removal session—legs, underarms, bikini line, you name it—I've rounded up the most reliable and well-reviewed waxing kits to see you through until your next appointment. I can't guarantee it'll be a painless procedure, but I can assure you it will get the job done without leaving behind razor bumps and/or costing you a fortune.

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Best No-Strip Kit
Poetic Waxing Kit
Bliss ulta.com

Bliss is here to give you authentic spa feels in your own bathroom. Just heat up the hard wax in your microwave until it fully melts down and then apply the warm solution directly to your skin, no strips required. This kit also comes with soothing post-wax oils to calm the skin. 

For All-Over Body Hair
Hair Remover Wax Strip Kit
Sally Hansen ulta.com

This is a quick and easy cure for all body hair. No need to warm up the wax or cut any strips—this kit comes equipped with pre-cut strips suitable for removing even the shortest, stubbiest hair on large areas of the body. 

For Your Bikini Line
Hair Remover Wax Bikini Pro Kit
Nair amazon.com

We all know the bikini area can get complex, but this microwaveable strip-less wax will make the process a breeze. Just warm up the resin wax and apply a coat directly to the skin. Don't worry, this particular wax clings to the hair only—without painfully pulling on the skin. 

For Your Legs
Ready-To-Use Wax Strips and Wipes
Veet target.com

These gel wax strips are formulated with good-for-you ingredients like shea butter, almond oil, and vitamin E to nourish the skin. The pre-cut strips are dermatologist-tested and will seamlessly remove the majority (if not all) of the hair from the area after just one application. 

For Your Face
Face Wax Hair Removal Strips
Glee walmart.com

The skin on your face is the most sensitive area of the body, so using a non-irritating waxing kit with a gentle formula is imperative. These raspberry-scented face wax strips automatically warm up upon application, to soothe the skin and safely remove unwanted hair. 

Best Heatless Treatment
Hypoallergenic Wax Strips for Face, Bikini & Body
Completely Bare ulta.com

Two factors that set this no-heat strip set apart from the fray: First, the convenient pre-cut sizes of the strips are particularly versatile for bikini/underarms, legs, and face. (Anyone who's ever painstakingly trimmed wax strips with nail scissors will feel this hard.) Second, the simple lavender-scented towelettes, which smell lovely and keep any bumps or post wax flare-ups completely at bay.

For a Full Body Waxing
Hair Removal Waxing Kit
Maxpearl amazon.com
$25.49 (20% off)

How cute is this pretty little set? These pearly beads are made from a natural pine resin, and are included alongside every little thing you need for a full at-home waxing experience—including but not limited to rubber fingertips for precision applications and peels. NB: The green wax is gentler, for finer hair along your face, while the white is sturdier enough for coarser strands.  

Fo Thick, Coarse Hair
All Natural Hair Removal Waxing Kit
BodyHonee-Inc walmart.com

Do you hear about other people performing at-home waxing and secretly roll your eyes because you and your hair could never? This dogged cold wax kit is super-strong, meaning it will gently tug out even the coarsest (or shortest) hairs, without unnecessary pain or pulling. (It's a great option for male back or chest hair, just sayin'.)

For Perfect Brows
Eyebrow Wax Strips
SurgiWax walmart.com

If your brows are just a little too thick to maintain with regular plucking, these precision strips, which are layered with a gentle maple-honey wax, can help. Simply peel, press, and pull for clean, no-nonsense removal of both fine baby hairs and thicker, wiry ones.  

Best for On-the-Go
No Mo-Bush
No Mo ulta.com

It's the night before vacation, and you've remembered everything but your bikini line. This handy aluminum kit includes single serve strips and pouches of aloe that can tuck right into your carry-on for on-the-go excellence.

For Your Eyebrows
Brow Shaper Mini Wax Strips
Parissa ulta.com

This brow shaping kit is a seamless way to shape up your brows without removing too much hair, if bushy brows aren't your thing. Plus, the strips are made of azulene oil, which delivers instant skin-soothing relief to the skin post-wax. 

Best All-Natural Kit
Natural Sugar Wax
Nad's Natural ulta.com

If you're looking for an all-natural formula, you'll enjoy this naturally derived sugar wax, which instantly softens once it touches the skin from your body heat for no-fuss removal process. What's even better is that these strips aren't one time use—you can wash and re-use them as you please.

Best Professional-Grade Kit
Pro Hair Removal Waxing Kit
GiGi sallybeauty.com

This waxing kit comes complete with Brazilian body hard wax, cooling gel, soothing oils, spatulas, and a mini heater to warm up the wax. This option is the closest set up to a professional waxing salon experience.

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