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The 13 Best Razors for Silky-Smooth Skin All Over

Razor bumps, begone!

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Finding the perfect razor feels a lot like dating these days. The first impression is everything. You're not looking for someone that gets too close for comfort. You want one that's sharp. Also, wouldn't it be nice if they could handle any situation, no matter how hairy it could get? In conclusion, the perfect partner—I mean razor—feels like a dream that will never be attainable. Not so fast, though! Thankfully, and emphasis on the "thankful," you live in 2020, where the blade game is at its best yet. We have ones that avoid that god-awful pink tax, some that double as a razor and trimmer, ones so small they could fit in a coin purse, and some that can be used in and out of the shower. If your current option is looking a little dull in a couple of places, let me quote Beyoncé and say, "Partner, let me upgrade you."

All that said: Body hair is great and a natural part of women's bodies, and if you choose not to remove any of it, we support you. But! If you are in the market for one you'll use, rarely or religiously, we have the perfect pick for you. Ahead, the best razors for women today. Here's to finding "the one!"

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Extra Smooth Sensitive 5-Blade Disposable Razors
Gillette Venus amazon.com
$6.99 (33% off)

"Having sensitive skin makes shaving my least favorite part of my routine!" I used to say in despair to my non-sensitive skin friends—until I met this razor. This shaver from Gillette Venus comes with a SkinElixir lubrastrip, which when wet gives your skin extra protection and glides over your skin while shaving. Consider it the ultimate life-saver.

Prepare Facial Razor
Shiseido amazon.com
$5.98 (30% off)

This handy-dandy tool has you covered when you can't make it to your salon for a much-needed wax. It works as an eyebrow tool and removes pesky upper lip hairs, but it also works as a gentle exfoliating tool. Just don't forget to apply some shaving cream to the face before you get going.

Electric Razor
brori amazon.com

Thank god for the 21st century because electric razors now can work in and out of the shower. A full charge of this razor lasts for 60 minutes, and the product has high quality hypo-allergenic stainless steel blades for the most sensitive skin. Also, it features a super-cool LED light so that you won't miss any of the small hairs.

Flamingo Women's 5-Blade Razor
Flamingo target.com

This razor's flexible hinge puts all other razors to shame; it glides so quickly and so easily, you'll wonder how you ever thought shaving was such a daunting task. Unlike other hair removal tools, Flamingo's handle is a little bit heavier than most due to its grip technology. Never face the wrath of dropping your razor mid-shave again.

Silky Touch Women's Twin Blade Disposable
BIC amazon.com
$11.56 (17% off)

When you're on a budget or on the run, sometimes a disposable razor is your best bet. Enter: BIC's Silky Touch razor. The two-blade razor gives a shave that would have some five-blade razors shaking in their boots at half the price. Also, that long tapered handle is perfect for those showers that feature extra love and care.

Smooth & Silky Body & Bikini Kit
Remington Solar amazon.com
$16.71 (36% off)

Tan lines may come and go, but trimming your bikini line will always be there. This wet/dry design comes with the usual trimmer and razor, but its best tool is the attachable rotating exfoliator. It'll help prevent ingrown hairs and razor burn. Also, if you're not looking for an entirely clean slate down there, it features an adjustable clip with four different trim settings.

Butterfly Double Edge Safety Razor
BAILI amazon.com

Get the closest shave of your life with this razor's five Swedish stainless steel blades—while also giving back to our girl Mother Earth. This anti-rust, butterfly twist-to-open razor is lifetime durable, a.k.a less waste, and their refill blades are cheaper than most drugstore options. The ultimate win-win!

Razor Starter Kit

Not only are their razors cute (I'm a sucker for aesthetics), but Billie makes sure their customers don't get sticker shock due to the pink tax. Get a handle, magic holder whichever razor you choose and two five-bladed blades for $9. Refills, so four refill blades, start at that same price too and can be delivered literally whenever.

Wet & Dry Ladies Shaver
Panasonic amazon.com

It's cordless, holds a one-hour charge, waterproof, relatively inexpensive, and will become the love of your life when it comes to shaving. This cult favorite is great for big and small areas alike as its four hypoallergenic stainless steel blades can get through any trimming job. Thank us later.

Rose Gold Sensitive Skin Razor
Oui the People ouithepeople.com

Using a safety razor can be daunting, but I promise that when you feel how smooth your legs are post-shave, you'll never turn back. This single-blade razor made of stainless steel from Germany only needs to be changed every 5 to 7 shaves. Meaning the 10-pack of blades you've purchased for $11 is one hell of an investment.

Sensitive Care Razor
Schick Intuition amazon.com
$9.19 (32% off)

Save time and some major cash with this razor enriched with Vitamin E and 100-percent natural aloe around its four blades. The aloe is perfect for those with sensitive skin, and it doesn't hurt that its pivoting head sticks to your skin smoothly to minimize any kind of irritation.

Flawless Legs Women's Hair Remover
Finishing Touch amazon.com
$34.99 (42% off)

Shaving, especially the full body shave, can take ages. Your water bill and patience level aren't cut out for that kind of life, so let me introduce you to this electric shaver. The palm-shape design is next-level perfect for allowing you to glide over your skin without adjusting your angle every five seconds. Can't forget to mention it comes with with 18K gold plated heads because, of course, you deserve that kind of luxury.

Snap On-the-Go
Gillette Venus amazon.com
$7.03 (46% off)

Just because it's small and perfect for your travel cosmetics bag doesn't mean it can't pack a punch. This little guy features five blades encircled by a ribbon of moisture to double protect you from tiny nicks and cuts, all while giving you a perfectly smooth shave.


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