The 17 Best Razors for Silky-Soft Skin

No more razor bumps, that's for sure.

Best Razors for women
(Image credit: Getty Images/Steve Mason)

Finding the perfect razor feels a lot like dating. The first impression is everything. You're not looking for someone that gets too close for comfort. You want one that's sharp. Also, wouldn't it be nice if they could handle any situation, no matter how hairy it could get? In conclusion, the perfect partner—I mean razor—feels like a dream that will never be attainable. Not so fast, though! Thankfully, and emphasis on the "thankful," you live in 2022, where the blade (and bikini trimmer) game is at its best yet. The best razors avoid that god-awful pink tax—with some designed specifically for sensitive skin, others so small they could fit in a coin purse, and more that can be used in and out of the shower. If your current razor is looking a little dull in a couple of places, let me quote Beyoncé and say, "Partner, let me upgrade you."

A common thing that those with hair (so the entire population, unless you've undergone laser hair removal) will know is that not all hair is the same. Not to mention, body hair is there to protect us and is a natural part of women's bodies, and if you choose not to remove any of it, we support you. But! If you are in the market for one you'll use, rarely or religiously, we have the perfect pick for you. Ahead, the best razors for women today. Here's to finding "the one."

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