The 11 Best Razors for Women in 2024

No more razor bumps, that's for sure.

woman shaving her legs with a razor
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Buying a new razor isn’t something I typically get excited about. For the longest time, I just bought the same razors my mom used from the drugstore and assumed I was good to go. But with so many different styles and new emerging brands on the market, finding the best razor for you has become more of a process—in a good way. Now, instead of spending time and your hard-earned money on at-home laser hair removal devices, you can achieve a similar (and easier!) look at home. 

Whether you’re new to shaving (we have a whole guide about how to shave your legs if so), a seasoned shaving vet, or someone who only shaves every once in a while, finding a great new razor in 2023 can make all the difference between a super smooth shave and one that leaves you with razor burn, razor bumps, or tons of little cuts. Some of the razors on this list should only be used to shave your bikini line (see: Marie Claire’s guide to the best bikini trimmers for more on that), while others are great for shaving the hair all over your body. 

Because there are so many options to choose from, we turned to Maria Desmarais, the Co-Founder and Co-CEO of body care brand Athena Club, for guidance.

What to Look For in a Razor

While all razors promise to do the same thing, there are details that make some razors for women work better than others. One of Athena Club’s razor kits, for example, has technology that fights irritation and nicks. Equally important to the blades themselves is the razor’s handle because it helps to “ensure you have full control while shaving,” Desmarais says. “Ours is ergonomic for this reason."

How Many Blades Do You Need?

While you might ignore the number of blades in a given razor, the amount of blades does actually make a difference in the quality of your shave. “When a razor has the appropriate number of blades and they are spaced properly, it allows hair and shaving cream to pass through easily and ensures that no hair is missed,” says Desmarais. “This reduces the number of times you may need to pass the razor against your skin, limiting the risk of irritation.” 

That said, she notes that too many blades can actually harm your shaving experience. Any razor with more than five blazers “can cause razor burn."

The Best Razors for Women

What's The Best Way To Reduce Razor Burn?

While Desmarais recommends investing in a high-quality razor first and foremost, she says that the way you prep your skin can help when it comes to avoiding razor burn. "Exfoliating before you shave helps to smooth skin for less irritation," she says. Once you're in the shower, shaving with high-quality shaving cream like Athena Club's Cloud Shave Foam can also help you to avoid irritated skin. After you're done in the shower, immediately hydrate the area you shaved with a luxe body butter or body lotion. Desmarais recommends Athena Club's Dewy Body Lotion to "lock in moisture and soothe your skin." 

Does Shaving Exfoliate The Skin?

If you’ve heard that shaving can exfoliate your skin, I have mixed news for you. “Shaving does remove dead skin cells along with hair, but some people prefer to exfoliate prior to shaving to get skin extra smooth for an even closer shave with less risk of irritation,” says Desmarais. If you’re looking for a body exfoliator, check out our guide for the best (easy) homemade body scrubs. 

Meet The Expert

Maria Desmarais
Maria Desmarais

Maria Desmarais is the Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Athena Club. Prior to co-founding the company in 2018, she worked for management and strategy consulting firm, McKinsey & Company, where she served as a Business Analyst. After spending two years in the corporate world, she left to follow her dream of transforming the personal care industry and created Athena Club, the first modern CPG company which offers consumers a way to get better quality self-care essentials more conveniently. Maria earned her B.A in Political Science from Columbia University. Since launching Athena Club, she has received a number of accolades including being named a Forbes 30 Under 30 recipient in retail and ecommerce (2019). 

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