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The 8 Best Facial-Hair Removal Products

Your aides in the war on peach fuzz.

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Baby hair, facial fuzz, and wispy lady 'staches are an eternal struggle, but they're no match for the latest range of hair removal products, from actual at-home lasers to laser-precise tweezers.

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Glamsquad director Kelli Bartlett recently let us in on an essential brow tweezing tip: the more pointed the tweezer, the less likely you are to rip out way more hairs than you need to. Anything to avoid this Kendall Jenner overplucking disaster, right?

Tweezerman Point Tweezer, $21; amazon.com.

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Face shaving for ladies has gotten a bad rap in the past, since urban legend says you'll just develop thick, stubbly hair like men over time. But beauty titans like Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe were reportedly regular face shavers and even Skin Healthcare Experts founder Kate Somerville swears by dermaplaning (AKA running a blade along your face) with face razors like these. The gathered blades are primed to catch fine hairs and less likely to tug at your skin than a disposable razor.

Touch N' Brow Razor, $5; sallybeauty.com.

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Lasers are an expensive and tricky territory, but at-home options can save you from regular trips to a laser hair removal specialist. SensEpil's FDA-approved technology was designed to be as painless as possible, with a hand-held device that allows you to control exactly which areas you want to treat.

Silk'n SensEpil Hair Removal Device, $199; silkn.com.

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The learning curve for hot wax kits sans gauze strips is steep (you have to get the timing right), but for regular waxers, the hassle is worth it for the baby-smooth results. The wax comes in a metal tin that you heat up in a pan and then peel off skin after applying, kind of like a bandaid (but less painful).

Parissa Hot Wax Strip Free Kit, $10; ulta.com.

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If you get the sense that you're stripping away more skin than hair with wax kits, try a trimmer that's equipped to catch all the baby hairs on your chin, upper lip, and beyond. The swiveling head follows the natural curve of your face and comes with snap-on combs to manage your tricky eyebrow hairs.

Panasonic Women's Facial Trimmer, $20; ulta.com.

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Wax strips are one of the easiest ways to strip peach fuzz from your face, and we love that the Nad's variety of hypoallergenic strips are suitable for sensitive skin types.

Nad's Facial Wax Strips, $5; walgreens.com.

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Idea Village's pen-like trimmer also has a swiveling head to provide a painless close shave, but the game-changer is the light that makes it easier to spot the fine hairs.

Idea Village Finishing Touch Freedom, $10; ulta.com.

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The threader is the scariest-looking of hair removal products, but it's also one of the most effective. Use the coils to quickly pull hair from its roots, minus any goo or cream.

Bellesentials Facial Hair Removal Threading Tool, $12; amazon.com.

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