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Best Electric Razors 2023 including Conair, Panasonic, and more
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Let’s talk about hair removal. While you certainly don't need to remove the hair that naturally grows on your body, there are plenty of ways to maintain or remove it if you choose to do so. Some options are more permanent (think: using an at-home laser hair removal device), while others are easy to do on your own, like using a regular old razor the next time you shower. 

To that effect, you probably already have what you consider to be the best-ever razor that you love to use on a regular basis. Still—allow me to convince you that you need to pick up an electric razor, too. And no, they’re not just meant to be used by men to shave their faces: electric razors can be used to get a closer shave than a traditional razor will, so they’re great to have on hand. But don’t just trust me—I spoke to Dr. Rachel Nazarian, a New York City-based dermatologist at the Schweiger Dermatology Group, and Caitlin Orszulak, Senior Scientist P&G Grooming—the company behind shaving brands like Gillette—about why electric razors are great tools to keep in your shaving arsenal, as well as how to use them and her favorite picks. 


Why to Use an Electric Razor

Before you buy an electric razor and start using it for yourself, it’s important to know why and when you may want to use one over a traditional manual razor. Ultimately, it depends on the finished look you’re after and the type of electric razor that’s available to you. “Electric razors tend to pull hair up before cutting, making them a little bit more efficient than manual razors, and require fewer additional tools, such as shaving cream,” says Dr. Nazarian, noting that they might be better for those with sensitive skin because they “don’t have as close of a shave as a manual razor,” and that manual razors can cause irritation because the blade is in direct contact with the skin.

Think of it this way: If you’re trimming or shaving an area on your body (Think: shaving your bikini line with a dedicated bikini line trimmer or your underarm area if you don’t normally shave there), an electric razor is your best bet. However, if you’re maintaining a close, smooth shave on your legs, for example, a traditional razor may work better for you. 

Where to Use an Electric Razor

“For women, using an electric razor on the pubic area tends to be a popular choice due to the hair in that region being thicker than other places,” says Orszulak. This is because the hair in your pubic area tends to be thicker, coarser, and follow a different curl pattern or texture compared to other hair on your body. Electric razors can reduce the risk of ingrown hairs in that area because the hair isn’t cut as close to the skin. 

“An electric razor also can be easier to control the amount of hair you want to remove, which can differ from person to person—some may opt to only trim around the “bikini line” and keep hair everywhere else, in which case an electric razor is a great choice for,” she continues. 

Electric razors also are a great option for women who do choose to shave their face and who may not be as comfortable using a traditional razor blade on delicate skin there. “An electric razor is a great solve here [on the face], as it can feel less invasive due to it not having an exposed sharp edge,” says Orszulak, who specifically recommends the Gillette Venus for Facial Hair & Skin Mini Hair Remover for the area thanks to its rotary blade design that leaves your skin feeling smooth and irritation-free," she says. 

When to Use an Electric Razor

Dr. Nazarian says that electric razors "can be used on either dry or wet skin, allowing for more flexibility in your routine," she says. However, it's important to note that you'll get a closer shave with manual razors—Dr. Nazarian says that this is because they "have more surface tension as they glide across the skin," while electric razors don't cause the same surface tension. If you’re planning on using an electric razor in the shower, make sure that you buy one that is waterproof. 

Keep scrolling to shop for the best electric razors for women. But how did we choose these very products, you ask? Well, the below electric razors come editor-approved in some cases—I love mine—and top-rated, with hundreds of glowing reviews, in others.

Deals on Electric Razors

Philips SatinShave Advanced Wet & Dry Women's Rechargeable Electric Shaver, $45 $35 at Target

 Philips SatinShave Advanced Wet & Dry Women's Rechargeable Electric Shaver, $45 $35 at Target

One of the best-rated electric razors is currently on sale for just $35 down from $45. right now at Target. As one reviewer put it, "The shaver is so easy to use and fits perfectly in my hand."

Panasonic Close Curves Electric Shaver, $40 $26 at Amazon

Panasonic Close Curves Electric Shaver, $40 $26 at Amazon

Reviewers love this shaver from Panasonic because it gives a great close shave. "I read some reviews before this purchase and many claim it’s the closest shave from a women’s electric razor. I must agree, it’s quick and easy, shaves close," wrote one reviewer. Shop it now for $26 on Amazon.

Meridian The Trimmer, $74 $59 at Amazon

Meridian The Trimmer, $74 $59 at Amazon

This splurge-worthy trimmer is on major sale right now at Amazon for Black Friday. One of the (many) five-star reviews noted that "The trimmer is soft to the touch, feels nice, looks nice, battery last a long time, and most importantly does a fantastic nick free, job even in the hardest to reach places and at weird angles and with lots of skin. 10/10 would recommend and buy again."

Brori Electric Razor for Women, $36 $29 at Amazon

Brori Electric Razor for Women, $36 $29 at Amazon

This electric razor is also on sale for Black Friday right now at Amazon. Shop it for less than $30.

The Best Electric Razors for Women