25 Celebrities with Gorgeous, Sunkissed Balayage Highlights

And you thought the trend was over? Think again.

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By now we know balayage, a freehand hair dying technique, is a favorite of celebs and a great way to get natural-looking highlights. As we head into summer, we can't help but think that this technique is the ideal way to style your strands for the season. Why? Well, the 'dos look like they just came from a sunny beach, AKA exactly where we want to be.

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Cara Delevingne

That knowing smize when your mermaid hair is also working "born with it" golden highlights. 

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Lucy Hale

Because we know you're thinking about a lob for the summer, why not add some streaks of color for an all-over glow like Hale's? 

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Amber Heard

Amber Heard's one-shoulder style looks all the more dramatic with a punch of golden blonde highlights.

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Chrissy Teigen

Like she just returned from a sunny vacation (beachy waves and all). 

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Olivia Palermo

Name a more perfect outfit, waves, and enviable balayage combo. We'll wait. 

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Jessica Schor

Chin lengths spirals and golden highlights are red carpet magic. 

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Khloé Kardashian

Two hands up if you're in full summer mode and have the highlights to prove it. 

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Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba juggles many important titles—entrepreneur, movie star, mom—and more recently, hair guru.

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Jennifer Lawrence

In which JLaw shows us how to use touches of blonde to mix up layered lengths (they're highlighting all her best hair angles 🙌).

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Olivia Wilde

The princess of the balayage realm, Olivia Wilde wears her chestnut accents starting mid-way down the strands.

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January Jones

The perfect golden wave that makes a chin-length bob look 100x more glamorous.

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Jessica Biel

Biel shows us the prettiest way to frame your face: blonde accents carefully painted in the curves of the strands closest to her face.

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Rachel Bilson

That barely-there, sun-kissed glow that will make everyone go, "Did you just get back from the beach?"

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Joan Smalls

Lighter-colored layers open up the face and add dimension to longer locks.

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In which Rihanna slays with all-over copper balayage, from root to tip, that looks natural and not too heavy.

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Rashida Jones

A well-done balayage lends some serious multi-tonal character to Jones' mid-length waves.

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Suki Waterhouse

The English supermodel can let her dark roots grow out thanks to this subtle, golden bronde balayage job.

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Kate Beckinsale

Ultra-long locks pair well with balayage: case in point, Beckinsale's flowing waves of caramel highlights.

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Poppy Delevingne

This trendsetter shows us how to rock natural-looking blonde highlights.

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Jennifer Lopez

Damn, lady! This statement platinum infusion is absolutely stunning—especially with those waves.

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Rose Byrne

Honey highlights add extra oomph to the Australian actress' bob.

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Sarah Jessica Parker

SJP maintains her style and hair icon status with this dramatic half brunette, half blonde coloring.

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Gisele Bündchen

Balayage is meant to highlight the hair where the sun would naturally hit, which would explain why Gisele looks like a sun-kissed goddess.

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Alessandra Ambrosio

This Victoria's Secret model looks all the more angelic with hand-painted streaks of honey blonde in her chocolate mane.

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Lily Aldridge

Aldrige's dyed ends frame her face beautifully and add to her beach babe glow (the tropical leaves behind her don't hurt either).

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