Please Gaze Upon These 11 Ridiculously Pretty Box Braids Styles

Hear that? Your next hairstyle is calling.

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If you've been waiting for the right time to get the protective hairstyle of your dreams, we're about to drop 11 inspo-worthy reasons that there's no better time than this very moment to give your hair some much-needed love. Ahead, we rounded up the prettiest (and attainable!) box braid styles taking over our Instagram feeds right now, including a blunt, middle-parted lob and a sky-high bun with gold cuffs. But be warned: Settling on just *one* way to style your braids will be fairly impossible.

1. This Half-Up, Scrunchied Ponytail

2. These '90s-Inspired Pigtails

3. This Gold Cuffed and Coiled Bun

4. This Sleek Fountain Ponytail

5. This Ultra-Violet Rope Braid

6. This Half-Up Bun with Beaded Ends

7. This Wired and Cuffed Lob

8. This Piled and Threaded Bun

9. This Pulled-Back Half-Ponytail

10. This Jumbo Twisted Knot

11. This High Bun with Long Beaded Layers

Ruby Buddemeyer
Ruby Buddemeyer

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