Video: How To Straighten Curly Hair

Avoid paying big bucks at a salon by straightening your curly hair yourself.

Avoid paying big bucks at a salon by straightening your curly hair yourself. Here are beauty expert Cheryl Kramer's easy steps to straight hair:

1. Use moisturizing conditioner. After shampooing, apply a moisturizing conditioner then towel dry your hair.

2. Apply mousse. Apply a quarter size amount of mousse all over your hair, from roots to ends.

3. Blow dry. Make sure to blow dry in a downward motion starting from the root. If you have bangs, pull them tightly with your fingertips and use a round brush.

4. Divide hair into four sections. Make sure they are cleanly separated. Use a wide tooth comb if you need to.

5. Clip three sections off to the side, blow dry with large round brush. Focus on the loose section of hair. Using a large round brush, pull the hair towards the floor. Make sure it's tight. Hold the dryer about two inches from the brush as you move it straight down.

6. Roll out and flip in ends. When you get to the bottom, roll hair out or flip it in. Mix this up in each section so your hair doesn't look to uniform at the ends.

7. Repeat this in all sections.

8. Use a flat iron. A flat iron can ensure that you get an absolutely flat look. Once your hair is dry, press small sections beginning at the root all the way to the end. Try using a flat iron spray. Sprits dry sections with spray before ironing.

9. Use silicon serum. To prolong these straight locks, use a silicon serum. Lightly apply a dime size amount and focus mostly on the ends. Air on the side of too little. If you use too much, it could look greasy.

Check out Marie Claire's how-to video for visual instructions!

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