The "Sun Stripping" Trend Will Help You Look Alive This Winter

Here comes the 🌞.

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For a blessedly brief time, a sun tan was the ultimate in skin goals. Even with full knowledge that the sun can give you cancer and make you wrinkly, gals soaked up the rays (natural and artificial) for the sole purpose of looking a little more vibrant. A little more...alive.

The orangey era has passed, but we're still using bronzer to approximate exposure to the outside world. With all the tricks out there, though—making a number 3 around your eye in a darker shade, using a giant fluffy brush to diffuse—none give the truly realistic appearance of a day spent in St. Lucia. Enter sun stripping!

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No, it's not another name for what girls did on MTV's spring break in 1997. It's a technique of applying bronzer in a nearly straight stripe across the apples of the cheeks and bridge of the nose, which are the most sun-drenched planes of the face.

Makeup artist Rachael Brook predicts that the look will be a major trend for 2017, saying it's a more natural version of the heavy face-shifting contours of months past.

Anyone who's ever had a sunburn recognizes that stripe of color. Only here, it's soft and pretty! And doesn't make it painful to sleep or make facial expressions!

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