What Does Your Look Reveal About You?

DR. AMY WECHSLER analyzes Abby French.

Marie Claire Beauty Shrink - Abby French - what does your look reveal about you?
Marie Claire Beauty Shrink - Abby French - what does your look reveal about you?
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Her hair is overdyed. Clearly, she can't tolerate her natural color, even for a second. In her mind, she's a platinum blonde.

AF: It's true — I usually feel my best in this color. My natural dirty blonde just isn't me. Natural to me is staying true to what makes you feel comfortable.


Coordinating her top with her lipcolor was a bit of a misfire. The pink says girly.

AF: This lipcolor — Flirt by TIGI Bed Head — is the color that works best on me. That I have on a matching shirt is a coincidence.


She has really pretty eyes, though it's hard to see them through the heavy liner and mascara. Is she hiding behind the makeup? It makes her look older.

AF: I've heard this before, but it's how I feel sexy and confident. As for looking older, I work in a law firm, where everyone is a lot older.


Her pose is flirty, a little aggressive. The cocked head and pursed lips say either "Come hither" or "I'm being goofy."

AF: I've got a playful personality. I puckered up for the camera to emphasize my pink lipstick.

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After giving us her first impressions, Wechsler answers French's specific questions.

AF: I'm moving into a leadership role at my law firm, but I'm the youngest person on staff. How can I come across as professional without looking overdone?

AW: To be taken seriously at the office, it's essential to have good posture, hold your head up, and make eye contact. This will project confidence. And no matter how old you are, downplay the flirtiness at work — with both body language and makeup.

AF: But I've been wearing makeup since I was 16 — I'm so used to it.

AW: You don't have to give it up; just use less of it — especially the thick liner on your upper eyelids.

AF: I can definitely tone it down for work. What else should I be doing?

AW: I love to see women comfortable with their natural skin tone. Do you always want to look tan?

AF: I do self-tan because when I'm pale, I think my light hair looks washed out. I worked at a tanning salon when I was in my teens and got addicted. I know it's counterintuitive, but I feel healthier and more in shape when I'm tan!

AW: You shouldn't have to have a tan for that — think of Nicole Kidman. Would you ever let your hair go darker?

AF: Even though I have always felt that blonde better expresses who I am, about a year ago my hair was almost brown, and I was less tan. At the time I kept saying, "I need highlights; I need to get sunnier!" But when I look at photos now, I think it looked really good. Maybe I'll give it another try.