How to Refresh After a Red-Eye Flight

Or any other time you might need to look more awake 😉

After a long-haul flight, all the caffeine onboard isn't enough to make you look like you've downed a red-eye instead of flown one: Recycled air, high-altitude dryness, and time-zone shifts seriously zap skin and drain your appearance—not to mention the less than ideal sleep conditions. But a tiny TSA-friendly beauty kit, this 5-minute routine, and an airplane bathroom are all you need to deplane like a jet-setter. Doubt you can refresh your eyes and perk up your complexion in the confines of 3' x 2' room? Watch our model Pritika nail the challenge here.

And even if you're not a frequent flyer, steal these tips for the morning after your next all-nighter, or Netflix binge or...😉 . The one-two-pick-me-up of a kitten eye—a mini cat-eye flick that gives eyes a visual lift—paired with extra-voluminious lashes is perfect for when you're short on sleep and short on time.

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Nina Judar